Rat snake of 2 meters found in barbecue in Gelderland

Yesterday in Gelderland it turned out that a snake of 2 meters long had crawled into a barbecue in a backyard in Zeddam. The animal ambulance in Gelderland had to turn out for this, after which the employees of the animal ambulance caught the snake and brought it to the shelter. It was a gray non-venomous rat snake, of which it is not yet known who the snake belongs to. Omroep Gelderland writes about this that the snake was probably kept as a pet, since it does not occur in nature here.

After this incident, the animal ambulance Gelderland East warned that people should be careful that there are no nests or animals in the barbecue. The employees found this rescue quite exciting, as it is not often that a report is made about a snake.

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