Antwerp takes a setback in title fight: concerns about remaining an absolute pioneer

In Antwerp they are gradually preparing for a possible big title party on Sunday. Although there are concerns about an important figure.

For example, there is Ritchie De Laet. The 34-year-old defender has been struggling from injury to injury in recent weeks and that at an important time.

This season he was a regular with 44 games and a total of 3254 playing minutes. He was not in the selection against Genk (SD2) and Club Brugge (SD3) due to an injury.

Ritchie DeLaet

And in the second leg against Jan Breydel (SD4) he came on just before the hour mark, but had to limp off the field eighteen minutes later.

A downer, because although Bataille and Avila are not doing badly at the backs, a solid player like De Laet is paramount in a title fight.

To research

Certainly against Union he can become crucial on matchday 5. And will he get fit? That is still very much the question.

There will be a few more tests for the experienced Belgian in the coming days. It may be the end of the season for him.

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