Ziggo price increase: Subscriptions from 1 July considerably more expensive

Ziggo internet & TV is becoming considerably more expensive. As of 1 July, a substantial inflation correction has been applied to Ziggo’s subscriptions. Ziggo customers will pay significantly more for internet, TV and fixed telephony from 1 July 2023.

Ziggo increase

On average, prices will rise by 8.5 percent on 1 July. The rate increase applies to Ziggo’s parcel services. For the All-in-1 Start package you currently pay 59 euros, as of 1 July you pay 64.25 for the start subscription.

The rate for the ‘Internet and TV Complete’ package will increase by 9.2 percent. According to Zigo, the company is forced to raise prices, because the company itself also has to deal with rising costs.

In addition, Ziggo has created a special page with more information. Ziggo says the following:

“As of July 1, 2023, we will therefore apply an inflation correction of an average of 8.5% to the prices of our packages and the calling rates. This is according to the terms and conditions and we remain within the average 2022 CBS inflation rate of 10% with the change.”

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