Zendesk announces a partnership with OpenAl to introduce new functionality that enhances the power of Zendesk’s own base models with the capabilities of OpenAl.

Zendesk’s base models have been adapted and trained using decades of proprietary customer experience (CX) data and industry insights, and are already saving Zendesk customers hundreds of hours each week. The combination of these models, along with Zendesk’s leading knowledge management solutions and OpenAl functionality, enables companies to save even more time. By leveraging the power of generative AI, they can resolve customer service requests more effectively and efficiently.

“Al can help teams be more consistent, better understand customers, and get insights from data,” said Cristina Fonseca, Head of Al at Zendesk. “We provide the best AI tools that customers can use in minutes. Our work with forward-thinking partners like OpenAl helps us leverage the latest technology available so companies can more quickly unlock the value from their customer interactions.”

Zendesk’s approach to Al is revolutionizing CX solutions by providing intelligent answers to customer questions without the need for any coding or expensive model building.

Additional features powered by OpenAl include:

  • Content Summarizing: Provides agents with an instant summary of long tickets that can speed up ticket resolution.

  • Knowledge base and macro creation: This builds on Zendesk’s proprietary system that evaluates and instantly creates missing support articles, and increases productivity by allowing administrators to create new macros.

  • Response Expansion: Allows agents to more quickly formulate a response to a ticket based on just a few typed words.

The Zendesk Suite already includes many AI-driven CX features out-of-the-box, such as conversational messaging, bots, knowledge management, advanced analytics, and self-service tools. The addition of OpenAl provides businesses with an unparalleled solution to enhance and scale their customer experience to levels previously unattainable.

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