You’ll want to try this upside-down eyelash curler TikTok hack today

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Social media is full of the most useful hacks. It doesn’t really matter what you’re looking for: you’re guaranteed to find an answer on social media. And now it’s hit again, because a brand new hack is going viral on TikTok that you also want to try today. This upside down eyelash curler TikTok hack ensures that you get gigantic long eyelashes!

Grab your eyelash curler quickly!


TikTok is our favorite platform right now. Not without good reason, because TikTok brings us not only gloating, but also many answers to questions we walk with. For example, thanks to TikTok we know exactly which trousers are currently in fashion and with which product we can best get a tan without spending hours in the sun.

But TikTok is also full of tips and tricks in the field of beauty and make-up. For example, a user showed how she can make any color lipstick she wants with just one product. And another video shows you how to rock a new shade of eyeliner every day. So the options are really endless and a super handy new hack has now been added.

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upside down eyelash curler hack

This new hack can be seen in a video that is currently going completely viral on TikTok. TikTok user Audrey Boos shows that she doesn’t just use her eyelash curler, but upside down. Wait, what??? Yes, you heard that right. She uses her eyelash curler upside down and this gives, to our surprise, a beautiful result!


Replying to @elisetferrell how I curl my lashes UPSIDE DOWN 🕷 #makeuptutorial #grwm #eyelashes

♬ original sound – audrey🛸

Viewers can hardly believe what they see in Audrey’s video. They react en masse to the video. As one follower writes: “you’ve just changed the eyelash game.” Other viewers write: “Yes I’ve been doing this for yearsss after I saw someone else do it lol😭”, “Trying this !” and “I tried its soooo good.”

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You’ll want to try this upside-down eyelash curler TikTok hack today


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