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Are you planning to upgrade your garden by installing a patio cover? What a good news, because believe me, you will enjoy it for many years to come. But before that happens, you would like to check what you should consider when installing a patio cover. Well, that’s good, because we’ve listed a number of points for you in this blog.

Are you planning to upgrade your garden by installing a patio cover?  Read our tips for posting this.

What is a patio cover?

For those who do not yet know exactly what we mean by a terrace covering: A terrace covering has an open structure with a roof and possibly with side walls. A patio cover blocks the sun, wind and rain, so you make your patio a lot more accessible. This way you can enjoy the shade in the hot summer days and you will still be nice and dry during a summer shower.

What should you consider when installing a patio cover?

Well, time to see what you should take into account, among other things, if you want to install a patio cover.

#1 Rules for placing a roof

If you put a patio cover in the backyard, you don’t need to ask for a permit. However, there are still some rules attached to the installation of the covering: A covering that falls outside a zone of 2.5 meters may not be higher than 3 meters. In addition, it must not exceed the size of 30 square meters. Finally, the total surface of a covering may not exceed 50% of the garden size.

#2 What material is a patio cover made of?

Wood and/or aluminum are usually used when building a terrace covering. An aluminum patio cover is durable and light, but also very strong and therefore extremely suitable for patio covers in which glass has been incorporated. For example, the side walls that can be made of glass. At Renson they sell high-quality patio covers with a 10-year warranty.

#3 What kind of furniture do you place under your canopy

It is best to place weather-resistant furniture under the roof. When it rains heavily and the wind blows in autumn or winter, the rain can reach quite a distance under your roof. As a result, it cannot be ruled out that the furniture underneath will get wet. It is therefore best to buy garden furniture that can stand outside. This way you can enjoy your furniture for the longest time.
It is best to store the cushions indoors in the winter, so that they do not get damp.
Of course it is also possible to close the roof with glass side panels and sliding panels at the front; rain and wind will then have less or no chance to affect the furniture.

#4 Upgrade your patio cover

You can also upgrade your patio cover at Renson. Think of integrated heating, so that you can enjoy your garden even in the autumn. Or how about built-in LED lighting and speakers? Ideal if you plan to throw parties in your garden!

#5 Maintenance

Finally: how should you maintain your patio cover. It is best to clean the roof once or twice a year, depending on where your garden is located. If you live in a wooded area, then 2 times is the minimum.

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