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In the series of articles with tips for bloggers, this time an article full of tips about publishing your blog post. You’ve written your blog post and want to share it online with the world right away. Understandable and I am totally in favor of proudly sharing your articles. However, there are a few things that are useful to check before you press ‘publish’. In this article I share with you what I do before I publish or schedule a blog post.


A trifle, but also certainly a point that I don’t always adhere to: check the spelling. Read your article several times and, preferably, have it checked by someone else if you know you make a lot of mistakes. Sometimes I have checked myself 4x, but there appear to be several errors in the text, you simply read over your own errors faster.


Check out Yoast/SEO. If you have WordPress, hopefully you have installed the Yoast plugin. This plugin helps you improve your page’s SEO and is an absolute must if you want to be found in Google. Go through all the points that Yoast indicates to you, until you see a green check mark for SEO.


Speaking of SEO; also check whether your images are SEO-proof by, for example, adding an alt attribute to the image. In WordPress you can do this very easily in the media field. In other platforms you will have to do a Google round for the relevant HTML code.


Preview your blog post. Although I actually always use the same layout, things can of course jump or shift. That’s why I always look at the preview of my post before I actually publish it. This way you can see what the post will look like on your website and you can check for latest spelling errors in another environment.

affiliate links

See if you can incorporate affiliate links into your article. Now you don’t want to spam your readers to death with these kinds of links, but in many articles such a link can be processed quite naturally. Of course, mention at the bottom of your article that affiliate links are included. For more information about affiliate marketing and other ways to earn money online; read my article about making money online.

Internal links

Link to relevant articles. I already did it above in the text, linking to your own articles, if relevant, is recommended. I also have a plug-in where relevant articles are automatically placed under the article, but text links are also often clicked.

The eyes of another

Read your article with someone else’s eyes, now without paying attention to spelling. See if your article is readable and if people stick around. For example, I give up on very long paragraphs or a very long-winded writing style. Of course this is personal for everyone, but no mega pieces of text is always recommended.

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