You can spend time with friends in this new trendy way

Meeting up with friends is super fun but can become an expensive activity. Nights out, activities and eating out are becoming increasingly expensive. Meet up with friends at home and play together in the online casino. There are many different games that you can play together, just from your mobile phone. You then play against and with each other. And you can not only play in the online casino, betting on sports betting is also fun to do. This way you make watching the game just that little bit more exciting.

Online casino

In the online casino there are many games that you can play with your friends. You can now legally play in it online casino Netherlands October 1 The new legislation entered into force in 2021. As a result, so many nice new organizations have emerged in the Netherlands. So you can have a fun night out from home. Without making it too expensive and still a nice experience. There are several games you can play. Table games in the live casino are the best option.

Play live games

The live casino is a new development in the online casino and it’s fun! You can just stay at home and still play your favorite casino games with your friends! You can collect together at your home or all join the same game from home. At the live casino you can see the croupier or dealer guiding the game via a live connection, just like in the physical casino. You can chat with the croupier and fellow players and you can play with your friends or make new friends.

games with friends

Sports betting

The second option is to bet on sports betting. How nice is it watch sports together, celebrate the win (or soften the loss) and maybe place a bet. With so many important matches you can have fun every weekend. You are also not tied to summer or winter. In the winter you can sit inside and in the summer you can watch the game somewhere in the garden. You make watching a sports match a little more exciting by placing a bet. You can of course keep track of the score yourself, but you can also automate this by betting with one of the bookmakers. Instead of on a piece of paper, you now enter your prediction on the website or in the app. Predict the outcome of the match and see which of your friends is right.

These are the essentials for a fun sports match with friends:

  • Good game

A good match cannot be missed. Choose the sport that your group of friends is interested in. Football, Formula 1 or maybe tennis. Every weekend there are different competitions.

If you watch with several friends, you should all be able to see the screen well. A large TV is useful or maybe you have a projector that you can place inside or outside.

  • Account with a bookmaker

To be able to bet, you must have an account with a bookmaker. If you are playing for the first time, you can also use the welcome bonus. This makes it a completely cheap activity.

  • Sufficient snacks & drinks

A fun activity is not complete without the enjoyment of snacks or a nice drink. When the game gets very exciting you have to be able to snack.

All points ticked off? Then you know for sure that it will be a successful evening, even if you don’t win your bet, you at least had fun with your friends.

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