You can make sports more fun with these accessible tips

A large part of the Dutch people have been sporting less since the corona crisis. This is evident from recent figures from the NOC*NSF. The pandemic caused a rut for many people, because we could and were not allowed to do so much. One of the few things I could do was exercise. For example, many people found creative ways to get moving at home and get started in a home gym.

You may have guessed it: that, now that more is allowed and possible again, people have started to cut down or have stopped exercising completely. Quite a shame, because enough exercise is very healthy for you. Of course we already knew, but what can you do about it? To make sports more fun again, I have a few accessible tips. Want to bet that the threshold to start exercising again will be a lot lower? 😉

Why is exercise so important?

Chances are that, if you recognize yourself in the above text, you first need to be convinced to start exercising again. In any case, it is good to know that sport and exercise are important for several aspects of daily life. For example, enough exercise ensures that you strengthen your immune system, making you less susceptible to diseases and disorders. For example, the risk of cardiovascular disease is much smaller with enough exercise.

Regular exercise also improves your condition and makes you feel better physically and mentally. Even if you suffer from a chronic condition, you can suffer less if you exercise regularly. In the end, you also reap the benefits during your sleep, because people who exercise often sleep better than people who don’t. In short, enough exercise is extremely important for how you feel during the day and at night – and therefore for your overall health.

The effect of comfortable & beautiful sportswear

Do you know what can help many people to start exercising again? Buy beautiful, comfortable sportswear that really makes you happy. That may sound superficial, but when you feel good in the clothes you wear, it is already easier for many to go to the gym. Of course, comfortable sportswear is the most important thing, but the eye also counts. In addition to the beautiful collections of well-known sports brands, you can even opt for your own print sports t-shirt. For example with the logo of your company, a symbol, funny photo or a stunner of a quote.

Choose multiple sports

Of course, you are not there yet with nice and comfortable sportswear. The key to success is sport really fun to like and to continue to like it. Therefore, make sure that you choose a sport that you are not immediately tired of. What can help is to go for multiple sports. Think of an evening yoga and an evening run. Or, for example, opt for a subscription to the gym where you can do multiple types of exercises. Go for strength training one time while improving your fitness the other time with fitness training on a cross trainer, a treadmill or an indoor bicycle. Or install yourself on a yoga mat at home and set up a workout video that can follow in your own time and pace. That way you keep it fun and challenging.

Exercise with someone

Do you still find it difficult to take the step to go to the gym or a sports lesson at all? What can help in that case is to exercise with someone else. Meet up with a friend, your partner or your neighbor to do a good workout together in the gym or the swimming pool. There are several reasons why you should do that if you find it difficult to start sports. First of all, it is much more fun to exercise together and secondly, a sports buddy counts as a kind of stick behind the door to go anyway. After all, you made the appointment. Working out together immediately makes sports a lot more fun. And more accessible.

Create a workout schedule or hire a personal trainer

Finally, what can help to make sports more fun is to make or have a clear sports schedule made that you can stick to. For many people, a little grip during exercise is nice to be able to continue. Do you find that difficult? Don’t worry: Maybe a personal trainer can help you to start exercising at least once or twice a week. Such a trainer can determine what you need to become fitter based on your body and your goals. Once you hit goals, working out just gets more fun – trust me!

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