‘wtFOCK’ announces unexpected (presumed) return

The popular online youth series wtFOCK seems to hint at a return. On Instagram, the program shared a cryptic announcement wtFOCK:ADA. A TikTok account was also immediately launched. The new season may therefore be shown there.

After five seasons, the popular web series came to an end in June 2021 wtFOCK. That series was based on SKAM of the Norwegian public broadcaster NRK and was also a huge success in Flanders. While the Norwegian version got four seasons, the Flemish version wtFOCK five seasons. Four of them were directly based on their Norwegian predecessor, but one extra season was added as a result of the lockdown.


Now seems wtFOCK thus hinting at another extra season. The Instagram of the series was emptied. Then a new post appeared with the sentence “Life is not black and white”. The caption included the hashtag #wtFOCKADA.

An Instagram Story was also shared of a bedroom with a bulletin board with a photo of a person whose eyes have been blacked out. There is also the text “wtFOCK?and a link to a new TikTok account.

What can we expect?

For the time being it is not yet clear what all those cryptic messages mean and when we might find out more. It seems that if wtFOCK returns, the series will also be seen on TikTok. For now, that was only the case on Instagram and YouTube. The series was also shown on Streamz.

That eventual new season may revolve around a completely new character. In the first five seasons, there was no one named Ada anywhere to be seen.

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