‘Would not recommend it to anyone as a couple’

The fourth episode of Temptation Island: Love or Leave is now online. It gets harder and harder for the participants and their feelings go in all directions. It is also becoming increasingly difficult for Evie. In a Q&A on Instagram, she indicates that she seriously underestimated her participation in the program.

Source: Tom Cornelissen

‘It’s vastly different’

The program is not unknown to Evie and Mike. In the first season of Temptation Island, they both competed as a single. Unfortunately, they could not find love with a couple, but with each other. After the recordings, it quickly clicked between the two and they are now three years further. During a Q&A on Evie’s Instagram, a follower asked if it’s more fun to participate as a single or as a couple. To which Evie responds that it is vastly different.

“As a single you are ‘in the background’ and you have a lot more time for yourself and you don’t have to be in front of the camera that often,” she replies. “As a couple it’s really about your feelings and that’s very intense. As a single it’s long live the fun and as a couple there’s really something at stake.”

Not a third time

It is not yet known if Evie and Mike are still together, but one thing is clear: She will not compete for a third time. “Participating twice is more than enough,” Evie writes on her Instagram. She advises everyone not to participate as a couple. Your feelings are all over the place. And, we understand that, if your partner is in another villa with several singles. Evie has therefore seriously underestimated her participation in the program as a couple.

Source: @evievanvliet
Source: @evievanvliet

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