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Exercising at home if you don’t have much time, we learned a bit in Corona times and remain very useful when you have to manage a busy family, for example. You can purchase various devices for this, such as a cross trainer, exercise bike or a rowing machine. The good thing is that you don’t have to leave in the evening, but you can still do a quick half hour of fitness training. This way you stay fit, even if you have young children or a busy job.

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Exercise at home when you’re short on time

The advantage of exercising at home when you have little time is that you do not have to go out in the cold at the same time. Especially with the drizzly weather in the fall and the strong wind or snow and hail in the winter, it is really not nice to have to go outside to exercise. Running is also great indoors on a treadmill. Cardio can also be done on an exercise bike or a cross trainer. Maybe you prefer hooping or working with weights? It can all be done at home and doesn’t even have to be that expensive. There are devices in different price ranges.

Where do you buy equipment for your home workout?

Those who want to get started with training at home have a lot of choices to make. Do you have the space to make a real fitness room? That’s something I look forward to when, say, one of the kids has left home. Then we have a space left to turn into a sports room. Now I always have to go to the gym, which is often busy, especially when it rains. It often happens that it is so busy that I have to wait until it is my turn to access a device. I think it would be great to be able to do that at home. You can buy equipment for your home workout at

Get the right sportswear and start!

Even if you train at home, it is good not to do this in your jeans. Choose comfortable sportswear and comfortable shoes. This also prevents injuries, because you can quickly get them at home if you are careless. Of course you don’t want that. If you get injured, you can always go swimming. This can continue with most injuries. Did you know that swimming burns a lot of calories and uses a lot of muscles? I myself swim for an hour every Saturday and I feel very fit. If I have an injury I go more often.

How often to train at home?

You can make it a habit to start every day with fifteen minutes of cardio training, which you slowly build up to half an hour. It is recommended to exercise for half an hour every day and to exercise intensively 3 times a week. So you could do a simple workout every morning and ensure high speed and high heart rate 3 times a week. The advantage of working out at home? It is accessible. You can do it on your own time in your own home and the best thing: you stay fit! Those who are fit feel less tired and suffer less from aches and pains. Win-win right? So enjoy working out at home if you don’t have much time.

Exercise at home when you have little time and a busy family

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