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word cards art

Word cards go with every project you work on. You can use them in so many different ways and by using word cards you can add new words to children’s vocabulary. These word cards art can be used in projects such as shapes & colors, art and the painter.

Artistic word cards

The word cards contain the following words:

  • Painting: the canvas, the easel, the brush, the paint pot, the paint, the apron, the brush, mixing, the palette, the tube, the blob.
  • The painting: the frame, abstract, piet mondrian, kadinsky, vincent van gogh, rembrandt van rijn, johannes vermeer, karel appel, striped, geometric.
  • Materials: the markers, the finger paint, the chalk, the pencil.
  • Skills: messy, the sketch, painting, writing.
  • Colors: red, lilac, brown, black, orange, dark blue, dark green, turquoise, blue, purple, yellow, pink.
  • Products: the drawing, the comic strip, the statue, the bust, the book.
  • Museum visit: the exhibition, the ticket, the room, no entry, the museum, admire, the guide.

Download word cards

Activities with the word cards art

Earlier I wrote a blog full of vocabulary activities. With regard to project art, I can give the following tips:

  • Smear a blob of paint on the word cards with a whiteboard marker. What emerges? Have the children describe this object.
  • Lay out several lists and categorize the objects in a list.
  • Draw or have a child imagine the word and have the other children name the corresponding word.

–> View here the collection page with all materials related to art.

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