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With this picture book your children learn everything about insectsInsects. Children often find them creepy. They are small crawly critters with 6 legs that easily crawl over you. One child finds it scarier than the other, but most children want to get rid of it as soon as possible. They start screaming or running and thrashing around. Children often think that a spider is also an insect, but that is not the case. Spiders have 8 legs, so these animals do not fall under the collective name of insects. Insects also usually have wings, although not all use them. So not all insects can fly. All of Keverburg is cooking is a great picture book about beetles and other insects. With this picture book your children will learn all about insects and they will no longer be afraid.

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With this picture book your children learn everything about insects

Often it is also ignorance in children, which makes them afraid of insects. Many insects do no harm at all. In All of Keverburg is cooking that becomes clear. As a result, children will look at insects differently and find them interesting. Maybe they will follow an insect in the spring or summer this year.

What is Heel Keverburg boils about?

The annual Keverburg cooking competition is coming up and there is a buzz among the Beetles. The dung beetles don’t feel like it, they always come last. That’s why they don’t want to participate. But the dung beetle larvae think that’s a pity and convince the adult dung beetles to participate anyway. Their dish is as always: poop! And no one wants a bite. Fortunately, the larvae do, and all that food turns them into adult dung beetles. The audience sees this happen live and this is received so enthusiastically that they win for the first time this year! In the book many different beetles pass by with their own characteristics, which makes the book educational and fun for children. In the front and back are all the insects together with their names and properties. Here they regularly look at it, even if they see a beetle in the garden, they run to this picture book to see what it’s called.

With this picture book you teach children everything about insects all over Keverburg cooks

Golden Granger

This book from publisher Gottmer has won a golden pencil and with good reason. Bib Dumon Tak wrote this original story. A story that all children will enjoy. My 7 year old daughter was listening with red ears and looked at all the records carefully. She loved it. Even my 10-year-old daughter joined in to watch and it inspired her to start painting an insect. Geertje Aalders is a cutting artist and she cut out all the insects from this book by hand. Even the tiniest feeler has been cut with insane precision, not normal how clever. Very special to realize that when you read the book and also nice to point this out to the children.

What do I think of Heel Keverburg cooks?

I am very excited about this book. With this picture book you teach children all about insects and you also ensure that they are less afraid of them. They will also be more alert to bugs and beetles and more likely to recognize or seek them out this summer if they come across them, rather than running away, screaming or perhaps even kicking them to death. You buy the book in the bookstore or order All of Keverburg is cooking online. Ideal birthday gift for children from about 4 years to at least 8 years.

all of keverburg is cooking inside

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