Wireless Curling Iron from BaByliss Review – Create the Perfect Look!

BaByliss Cordless Curling Iron Review – Create the Perfect Look!

babyliss waving wand 9000

The wireless curling iron from BaByliss: with this you seem to create the perfect look! That is promising. I am going to show you the curling iron in this review.

The wireless curling iron from BaByliss

Are you team curler or team straightener? It doesn’t matter, because BaByliss has both! They have released a great collection called the ‘9000 Cordless Collection’. This collection includes two curling irons, one straightener and one curling iron. The difference between the two curling irons is that one has a clamp and the other does not. In addition, the other curling iron is slightly smaller at 25mm, if you compare it to the Cordless Waving Wand I have now. This one is 28mm.

This collection shows that you can create the perfect summer look with the pliers, wherever you are. That ‘wherever you are’ is really true, because they are all wireless. The name of the collection actually says it all. You no longer need a socket or hassle with a cable that is too short. Are you in a tent at a festival and do you want to provide your hair with the perfect curl? BaByliss takes care of it! Are you going away for a weekend and do you want a great haircut for the evening? Babyliss got you!

Great Summer Hair Anywhere

Actually, it’s not just summer hair, because you can also use these tools in spring, autumn and winter. Let the wind blow through your hair. With these wireless tools, BaByliss ensures that you look well-groomed at any time of the day and at any location. The most beautiful coupe, styled to perfection. No more bad hair day with these tools!

babyliss cordless curling iron

Cordless Waving Wand – Cordless curling iron 28mm

This article is about one of the tools from the Cordless collection: the Waving Wand of 28 mm. The curling iron therefore has a diameter of 28mm and is therefore perfect for creating loose and beautiful waves in your hair. You can easily twist your hair around this wand and you’ll have perfect waves in no time! The tongs heat up quickly and the ceramic coating won’t damage your hair.

It’s not just any curling iron. Besides the fact that it is wireless, the waving wand has a Micro Heating Matrix. This revolutionary heating element ensures an even heat distribution over the tongs. In this way, each strand of hair receives constant heating, so that you create the best result. You may think: nice and nice such a wireless curling iron, but then I have to charge it continuously? nope! This styling tool contains a strong lithium-ion battery, which makes it work just as well as corded pliers. In addition, all tools also look super nice.

Wave after wave: the BaByliss wireless curling iron

Do you think what I think? The song wave after wave… i got you. This curling iron literally creates wave after wave and they also stay in shape all day. The tongs have three different temperature options: 160°C, 170°C and 180°C. This makes the tongs suitable for different hair types and gives you flexibility. If you charge the pliers, it lasts about 40 minutes.

curling iron pouch babyliss curling iron wireless

Benefits and specifications

The biggest advantage of this waving wand is that it is wireless, so you can use it wherever and whenever you want. The Micro-Heating Matrix heats it up quickly and the heat remains constant. You can switch between different temperatures and the battery ensures powerful and long-lasting use. In addition, you have a beautiful and luxurious storage pouch and heat-resistant mat. This way your pearl is always safely in place. And not entirely inconvenient: there is also a glove, so that you do not burn yourself on the tongs. Not every brand thinks about using it abroad, because in England, for example, you have a different socket. If you use the pliers for 40 minutes, you will of course want to charge it. That has been thought about, as it comes with a 2-Pin European and 3-Pin UK removable adapter *claps her hands*.

BaByliss wireless curling iron

Do you know that feeling? You’ve put on your outfit, done your hair, put your face in a crease and you’re walking out the door. Shit, did I turn off my curling iron? Don’t worry, these tongs have an automatic shut-off, which kicks in after 10 minutes. I really like this pliers to take with me. A night out and sleeping with a friend? Go, the waving wand goes in my bag. A romantic weekend away with the boyfriend? The BaByliss cordless curling iron is already in my briefcase. This tool is especially ideal for that touch-up on the go. You can look good anywhere with these tools at your fingertips.

The 9000 wireless curling iron costs €179.90 and is for sale at Babyliss and Bol.com.

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