William, Kate and the rest of the younger generation under fire

We’ve been whining at the editors for a few weeks now about the lack of snapshots of Kate in her immer fab fashion bee royal engagements, because apart from Easter, we haven’t seen the princess for a while. And that the younger generation of royals show themselves less often has not gone unnoticed.


See and be seen: that’s your job as a royal. But being seen in particular doesn’t seem to be quite the top priority with the younger royals. An investigation now claims that the British royals are ‘on the brink of collapse’ and are ‘abolishing themselves’.

Think tank Civitas, which is responsible for the research, argues that the younger royals in particular can do a lot more for the monarchy. For example, the vast majority of the royal visits made would be carried out by Charles, Anne and Edward – not the youngest ones anymore of course … so what’s the younger generations to show their face more?

‘Princess Anne approach’

In the Camilla Tominey Show host Camilla discusses the report with editor Sam Lister, and they don’t like it either. So they know to call that number royal engagements has fallen by no less than 40% over the past ten years.

Tominey distinguishes between two methods that the royals use for their appearances: “The Princess Anne method is to just cram as many things into one day as possible. On the other hand, there is the theme-oriented method adopted by much younger royals. They want to talk about certain themes, but don’t want to make so many visits.”

Slacker royals

Now, such a thematic approach can of course be good for long-term projects…but let’s be honest: the eye also wants something. “People want to see them at local hospitals, playgrounds, schools, and things like that.” And that does cause problems, Lister agrees. “The report points to a possible collapse of support for the royals if they don’t show up more often.”

And what is the conclusion that you can draw from this report? Camilla Tominey hardly dares mention it. “Do we think – and I’ll just whisper it – that the younger generation are a bit lazy by comparison?” Aiii…

Royalty fans

The royal style experts behind the Instagram account @Royalfashionpolice are also involved in the discussion. For example, they write that they do not want to be critical, but are ‘worryed’ about the lack of appearances of, for example, Wiliam and Kate. Other royalty watchers also make themselves heard in the comments, and opinions appear to be quite divided.

Some stand up for Wills and Kate. “The only young person working royals are William and Kate. And I think they want to be better parents than previous generations of royals, and thus spend more time with their children. In my opinion, setting up long-term projects is better than just showing up to reveal a tile.”

Others are more critical. “The kids are in school from nine to three…they could do more,” writes one follower. Another commented: “You have to be seen to be accepted…I’m a Kate fan but the truth is the truth.” Well… we wouldn’t say no to more Welsh appearances either!

Source: Express, GB News, Instagram @Royalfashionpolice | Image: NL Image / BrunoPress

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