Will Harry and Meghan lose their titles soon?

From Oprah to Save: In recent years, the Sussexes have had a strained relationship with their royal family, to say the least. According to one royalty expert, we shouldn’t be surprised if Harry soon loses his dukedom, and with it his last official title…

Suss ex

Journalist and author Robert Jobson is no stranger to royal circles. For example, he wrote the book in collaboration with Diana’s former security guard, Ken Wharfe Diana: Closely Guarded Secret. A member of royal security clapping out of school? This, of course, caused quite a stir.

Last week he released his new book, with the unrevealing title Our King: Charles III. Tabloid newspaper The Daily Mail know a good dose though juice from the book, and shares an excerpt that makes it clear that Harry’s title would be up for debate “at the highest level.”

Pro and contra

According to Jobson, there is a lot of criticism of the prince within Buckingham, and several senior members of the court are in favor of stripping his title. But there is one great ally for the Duke of Sussex: his father. “The king would not be in favor of this, but others senior royals are less indulgent. In the end, despite his firm love for his son, Charles will come under more and more pressure if Harry continues to attack the monarchy,” Jobson said for The Daily Mail.

“In short, Harry and Meghan could easily be relegated to Mr. and Mrs. Mountbatten-Windsor of Montecito, California,” the author concludes.


Incidentally, Harry will keep his princely title. This is simply impossible to take away, since his relationship with the Windsors cannot be changed. As the son of the reigning monarch and brother of the heir to the throne, he will therefore always remain ‘prince’.

Last week it was also announced that Harry will attend his father’s coronation without Meghan. “Buckingham Palace is pleased to confirm that the Duke of Sussex will attend the coronation service at Westminster Abbey on May 6,” the statement said. Meghan and the kids are not coming. “The Duchess of Sussex will stay in California with Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet.”

Source: HLN.be, The Daily Mail | Image: NL Image / BrunoPress

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