Will FC Barcelona and PSG get into a power struggle again after Neymar and Messi? Barcelona wants to bring back Xavi Simons

Xavi Simons is now not only coloring the front pages of the newspapers in the Netherlands, but also abroad.

The technician has been wearing PSV for weeks and finds the openings that lead to goals. PSV can hardly do without Xavi Simons and that can safely be called a striking conclusion. In France and Spain there are rumors of a return to Paris Saint-Germain, but there are now also reports of a return to FC Barcelona.

Both clubs could well get into a power struggle to sign Xavi Simons. Previously, PSG and FC Barcelona were already involved in a power struggle over Neymar and Messi. Years of tug-of-war around the aforementioned players caused and still causes friction between the two presidents, who regularly throw mud at each other. Grabbing one player from the nose of the other has become a battle of prestige for Paris Saint-Germain and FC Barcelona.

In Spain people think they know that Simons has appeared on the radar at FC Barcelona. FC Barcelona hopes to bring the top talent to Spain, Mundo Deportivo reports. Simons played in FC Barcelona’s youth academy, but a breakthrough took too long as far as he was concerned and Simons didn’t like the chosen path. The teenager then made the switch to Paris Saint-Germain, but also chose eggs for his money there by choosing PSV.

Paris Saint-Germain can easily bring Simons back to Paris through a special clause in the contract. However, that does not apply to FC Barcelona, ​​which often wants a lot but can hardly do anything. FC Barcelona is grounded and must request permission from the La Liga organization for each transfer.

Nevertheless, according to the Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo, FC Barcelona is doing everything it can to entice Simons to return. The newspaper reports that board member Jordi Cruijff is being used to convince Simons to choose FC Barcelona again. SPORT reports that FC Barcelona does see a future in Xavi Simons, but that money is a tricky issue for the Catalans.

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