Why you want to quickly exchange Netflix for streaming service Apple TV +

Netflix continues to release a cool series or movie every now and then, but the glory days of the streaming service seem to be over. But where can you still stream the coolest films and series? OMT editor Dunke van Boekel explains why Apple TV+ is the ideal alternative.

Of course, there are a large number of streaming services on the market today, so the choice is huge. This is why we highly recommend Apple TV+.

The unique content of Apple TV+

While Netflix still has a big hit every now and then, the question is always whether a new series will continue at all. Even for the mega-popular Wednesday a second season was not quite certain.

Apple TV+ seems to be stronger in this regard and extends series quite quickly. Extremely popular shows like Ted Lasso and Severanceor a nice surprise if it came out recently Shrinking immediately got a new season while the series was still in progress.

In addition, it seems that Apple TV+, unlike Netflix, is more inclined to give their series the time they need to tell the planned story. Ted Lasso will probably end after the third season, although the makers can still decide otherwise.

Value for money, for less than Netflix

In addition to series, Apple TV + naturally also has enough films that you can put on your watch list. Take for example Tetris, which was recently released as an original. There will also be plenty of new releases available on the service. Among other things Killers of the Flower Moon and Napoleon are on the schedule.

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Daniel Craig is back on Netflix. (Image: Netflix)

In terms of price, you are also a lot better off with Apple TV + than with Netflix. For a month of streaming you knock 6.99 euros out of your wallet, where with Netflix that is 7.99 euros for the basic package (with a maximum resolution of only 720p). In comparison, Apple’s service simply goes to 4K, so you pay less for that.

Netflix was the go-to streaming platform for a long time, but it hasn’t been able to keep up with its own success. Apple TV+ is now a fantastic choice.

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That’s right, now a clear (finder) interface to make things easier to find

I’m a big Apple fan, but this really is a bit like looking at the world through Apple green glasses. Apple TV+ does indeed regularly have a nice series or movie. But the supply is still very thin. And seen in that light, 7 euros per month is a lot. I also don’t think there are many subscribers who pay full price (if you regularly buy an Apple product you can watch for free). For a few euros more you have a huge offer at Netflix on top of a beautiful series or film.

This apart from a – by Apple standards – clumsy interface in which it is difficult to search.

It won’t be for nothing that AppleTV + dangles somewhere at the bottom of the top 10 of streaming services?!

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Apple TV+ is the ideal alternative to Netflix: the benefits at a glance

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