Why you don’t have to get in shape immediately after giving birth

To get straight to the point; Do not believe it! And by that we mean all photos, videos and reels on social media of well-known influencers with tight bellies as soon as they have stepped out of childbirth. These photos are either taken with bated breath from a very favorable angle or simply edited in a vulgar way. There will be a single mortal walking around who is provided with very good genes. But you should also distrust them. Why you don’t have to get in shape after giving birth? We list all the arguments.

Achievement of a lifetime

Equally honest; Have you ever experienced such a battle of exhaustion than your delivery? No boot camp, triathlon or mudrun can compete with this. It’s not just the pain, but also the intensity that make it a real battle. Recover from this for a while? Just leave that out for now. Your body needs to recover and allow yourself that too.

Man made

In addition, it is not only the birth that demands a lot from you, the nine months leading up to it are already a true achievement. When you go beyond the superficiality of the Instagram photos, you soon realize that you have made a little person. A miracle! It is therefore not surprising that you no longer have the same body as before. Everything passes, this body belongs to this phase. Embrace it and be proud of it. That’s the best thing you can give your little one!

Small solutions

You may already know that you should not immediately start exercising like an idiot after giving birth. But if you don’t feel like it for a longer period of time, you still don’t have to. Long walks with your little one are also fine! Nowadays there are excellent solutions that ensure that you just fit into that tight dress on that date night. A corrective body and other shapewear really has every woman in the closet these days. Yes, also that influencer. Or maybe just that influencer. So rather invest in this and spend the saved time of exercising in your own happy place with your baby.

In short, you have delivered a great achievement with the most beautiful memento ever. Don’t be fooled by outside influences. You know what your body needs, with this you will create the body that suits you in this phase of life!

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