Why Philips Hue is lord and master in many Smart Homes

Anyone who wants smart lighting in their home will probably soon end up with Philips Hue. Not because the lamps are affordable, but because of the quality. But why are we so crazy about it?

Despite the fact that there are now countless providers such as WiZ and the much cheaper Tuya, a lot of consumers still opt for the smart lighting from Philips Hue. Is that right?

Philips Hue is one of the giants

The smart lighting market was good for a turnover of more than eleven billion dollars in 2020. The big boys are largely responsible for this. We are talking about players such as Schneider Electric SA, Cisco Systems Inc., Honeywell Inc., Eaton and Signify Holding (Philips).

Philips Hue was launched in 2012 by Philips Lighting (now Signify) as smart home lighting. The system was developed in collaboration with the ZigBee Alliance and consists of wireless LED lamps that are controlled by an app on a smartphone or tablet.

Hue has since become one of the most popular smart lighting systems in the world, with millions of units sold and a loyal fan base of users.

One of the main reasons for the success of Philips Hue is the increasing popularity of smart devices and the Internet of Things. More and more people want to automate their home and be able to control it remotely. Philips Hue responds cleverly to this trend.

Another important factor is the quality of the product itself. Philips is a renowned lighting brand, and Hue is developed with high-quality components and materials. The LED lamps are energy efficient and last a long time. In addition, the accessories are designed for ease of use.

Connect everywhere

In addition, it is also a quality product. From our own experience (we tested the Lightstrip and the A60-E27, among others) we know how easy it is to connect everything.

In addition, Philips Hue has an extensive ecosystem of devices that you can use. That is certainly not the case with some competitors. Hue works well with services such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit.

Linking the lighting in automation systems is therefore very simple. This is sometimes not possible or much more limited with some cheaper providers.

Philips Hue has bad news for iPhone and Android users Matter
Not yet connectable via Matter. (Image: Signify)

The biggest criticism is that it is simply too expensive for many people. In the cheaper segment, more and more competitors are appearing that offer a comparable service and product.

Smart guys over there at Philips Hue

But why Hue took off like an arrow was also because of damn good marketing. The company bombarded us with countless online ads and TV commercials. In addition, Philips also closed many sponsorships with events and made deals with influencers. As a result, the brand quickly became very well known.

All in all, we can say that Philips Hue is not only a brand that people trust, but is also very hip. And that is worth its weight in gold.

Do you have Philips Hue at home, or are you considering it? Let us know in the comments.

Philips Hue comes with an almost priceless table lamp

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hue gives nice light… then pay a little more…

I especially notice that One More Thing writes a lot of articles about Philips Hue, while I know very few people who own those things, and it also has little to do with Apple.

Good sponsorship?

I have a small 30 Philips Hue lamps in my house. But King?

There are now competitors who really perform better in terms of color reproduction. You see this especially with colors such as green and cyan, but other hues are often slightly weaker with Hue.

I have no great desire to dress my house in red, blue or green. In my situation, I’m not complaining to Hue about this.

The Hue app is limited, but works flawlessly with homekit. It is still the fact that various devices from div brands do not support full functionality by far.

It is also remarkable that, for example, a movement sensor not only registers movement, but also, for example, light-brightness and temperature. But at best you will see that data appear in homekit for notification. Often that light measurement is not usable for an automation.

I hardly use the apps from manufacturers. HomeKit actually not so much anymore. Almost everything runs from my own Intel nuc server on which I have home assistant running.
Everything is there to interact with each other. For example, lamps remain off in daylight.

On rainy cloudy days, Home Assistant ensures that a room is illuminated based on measured light values ​​and my presence. When someone rings the doorbell, Netflix is ​​paused and with normal TV or music, only the volume is turned down.

Admittedly, Home assistant may have a style learning curve. But it can be more and me. Control panel is much nicer and now also much more user-friendly. I’ve designed ea so that I can do less on my own and my Dashboard only shows what I need based on where in the house or what I’m doing at any given time that day.

No, Hue is not king when it comes to color reproduction, functionality and compatibility. To be fair, I don’t think major manufacturers will be able to give you something out of the box that can do almost anything individual consumers can think of for now.

home assistant comes closest to that. But yeah, it’s not for everyone yet.

Wow, what a wonderful advertorial.
I say Ikea. Cheaper to buy, very easy to connect and good HomeKit support.
Color lamps? Nice gimmick, but in practice you don’t change color after a while, or the lamp even starts to get boring

A very nice sponsored article indeed. But let’s be honest unless you work in the red light district or live in the Efteling, you don’t want to live in a house that changes color every day. I think it’s a pretty expensive solution to a problem we’ve never had before. Nice for a children’s room, but then you can suffice with those cheap versions from China. If you want to make the flash with this, you’re pretty sad.

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Philips Hue the king of smart lamps, but why is that so?

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