Why do we sometimes dream about someone we haven’t seen for years?

We now know that you don’t necessarily have to get your ex back if you dream about him or her. And we also know that a sex dream about your boss doesn’t have to mean anything crazy. But what about the dream about someone you haven’t seen or talked to in years, is there a deeper meaning behind that?


Though some don’t look for anything behind dreams, dream analyst is Laurie Loewenberg convinced that a dream can say something about your state of mind. “Everything and everyone in your dream represents a part of you or something that has a direct effect on you,” she explains. Bustle.

Many people will dream about a person from their past at some point. This can go as far back as elementary school. If you experienced this recently, according to Loewenberg, it represents part of your personality. The dream analyst recommends thinking about the qualities of the person in question. A certain trait, negative or positive, can represent something you are dealing with right now.

For example, did you dream about that one shy little boy who was in your class? Then it could be that you are currently not expressing something that you actually want to make known.


Did you dream about an old acquaintance, classmate or maybe even an old lover? Then it has nothing to do with how that person is today. They only come back in your dream because at that moment you have to deal with something important in your life. Several studies have already shown that your dream consciousness has many similarities with your waking consciousness.

According to Loewenberg, it is also wise to pay attention to the behavior of the old acquaintance in your dream. According to the analyst, that person’s behavior is related to how you behave during the day. “They show you this behavior from a different perspective so you can better understand yourself.”


If you dreamed about an old acquaintance, that person may haunt you for the rest of your day. It does not mean that your subconscious is suggesting that you should revive a past relationship, says dream analyst Joy Strong. “Someone appearing in your dream does not mean that person should play a role in your current life.”

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