Who are the departures this year?

At the end of March was the annual Sailing Departure Day. Just under a hundred departures come together to meet each other, make contacts, follow workshops and exchange tips and tricks. But mainly for the anticipation. What is that anyway, a leaver? And who are they this year? Wieke mingled with the excited crowd and spoke to some of them.

This is part one of two episodes about Departure Day: the proposal round. Editor-in-chief Ben Rutte visits the sailors one by one to ask what the plans are. In To sail magazine of May 2023 you can read Wieke’s report of this Departure Day and there you will also find all the names of the crew present and which boats they will use.

More episodes from Van Oordt on board listen? You can do that here. And don’t forget our own, too Sailing, the podcast add it to your list of favorite podcasts.

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