Which plants are ideal for the bedroom?

The bedroom is a place where you want to create a quiet relaxed atmosphere. This has a positive effect on a good night’s sleep. Plants can also play an important role in this. The natural greenery and the oxygen they give off fit perfectly with the peaceful design of the bedroom. But which plants are ideal for the bedroom? We would like to give you some planting tips below.

Woman’s Tongue or Sansevieria

A very well-known plant that does very well in the bedroom is the sansevieria, also known as lady’s tongue. This plant does not mind being in a dark place at all. The sansevieria also grows in a place with little sunlight. Moreover, this female tongue does not need much care at all. Even if you forget to water once, that’s no problem at all.

A mint plant

If you would like a plant in the bedroom that also provides you with a nice scent? Then a mint plant may be an option. A mint plant spreads a wonderful fresh-smelling scent. This plant also does not require much care and does well in a place with little light.

A Cactus

When furnishing the bedroom, you probably have a spot left where you can put a cactus. This is also a plant that you don’t have to do much about. Incidentally, a cactus can also stand quietly in a place in full sunlight. But in a place where it is a bit darker, a cactus also does well. Can also really go without water for a while (if you forget to water once).

A room palm

Do you have a spacious bedroom with a ceiling that is quite high? Then you have enough space for a large indoor palm. This turns your bedroom into a real green oasis. A dark place is no problem for an indoor palm. He grows slowly. Furthermore, this large green plant requires little attention. Water with some regularity and maybe occasionally a little extra plant food to promote growth. A beautiful large plant to fill that one empty corner in the bedroom, for example.

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