Which dating app suits you best?

The range of dating apps has grown enormously in recent years. Nowadays it is therefore plausible that as a single you are a member of one or more dating sites. Both young people and the elderly are active on the apps. But if the offer is so large, which dating apps suit me best?

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Differences in dating apps

So the range is large, but what are the differences in the dating apps? One of the most famous dating apps is Lexa. Lexa has a broad target group, namely from 25 to 49 years. In recent years, you can see that people over 50 are also becoming increasingly active on the apps. Ourtime is aimed at this target group. This app scores well because it contains a lot of functionalities and many options to spice up your account. In addition to Ourtime, 50plusmatch is also a popular dating app. Other well-known dating apps are Parship, Tinder and e-Matching. Parship and e-Matching mainly focus on highly educated people. Tinder is for both young and old. This app is especially popular with young people.

Dating apps for young people

Which dating apps are especially popular with young people? For starters – just like with the elderly – Tinder. This is one of the most famous apps anyway. Nowadays people even use the verb ‘tinder’ when they see someone else swiping on their phone. In addition to Tinder, there are now also a number of other apps that are successful with young people. Think Badoo, Bumble and Happn. Bumble is very similar to Tinder in terms of usage. What is also striking about this app is that women have to take the initiative to start the conversation. Finally, there is the Breeze app. Unlike other apps where you can chat endlessly with each other and keep swiping, Breeze recommends 2 matches a day – based on your algorithm – and you indicate whether or not you want to date. Is it a match? Then you immediately go on a date with each other.

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