What should you definitely bring for a nice walk with your dog?

The time has come: you decide to take your dog for a longer walk today. Not that daily round around the house so he can relieve himself, but a bigger round. Good plan, but what should you definitely take with you to make that walk a fun success for both of you?

On the line

dog on a leash

Unfortunately, your dog is not allowed to roam freely everywhere. So make sure you always have his dog leash with you. Leashing him in places where necessary also prevents annoying comments from others. And if you come to a place where dogs are allowed to run loose, you will of course free him from his dog leash. It is smart to find out in advance where that is allowed, then you can adjust your walking route accordingly.


water for the road

If it’s hot, take a bottle of water with you. Also think about your dog. You can just pour some water on the street and he will lick it up. But you can also take a small drinking bowl (there are also foldable ones for sale) or something similar, so that no water is lost.

Tidy is tidy

poop bags

It goes without saying that you clean up your dog’s faeces properly. After all, you don’t want someone else to step in your four-legged friend’s poop. So make sure you always have doggie bags with you. For example, put them with his dog leash, you will probably never forget it.

Your smartphone


You probably always have your smartphone with you, but still. There are several reasons to carry it with you. After all, you certainly want to be reachable during a larger walking tour and be able to call yourself if necessary. But how nice is it to take photos of your dog with your iPhone 14 Pro on the go? Dogs are super photogenic because they are always themselves. Always nice to look back later or to share on social media of course.

Safety before everything

dog lights

With your smartphone in your pocket you certainly feel safer than without it. In addition, it is also smart to walk in the evening through streets that are reasonably to well lit. Nothing will happen, but still. It is also useful, especially in winter, to wear a reflective vest so that you are clearly visible. Also provide lights for your dog.

Speaking of safety: one day your smartphone will fall. A shame, especially if that happens outside. iPhone screen protectors reduce the chance of real damage. Is your screen protector slightly damaged after your device fell, but is there nothing wrong with the device itself? Then you know that this has been a wise choice.

Dog toys

toy for the road

Maybe your dog likes to play on the go. This way you can take a ball or larger ball with you. Or another toy that always has its interest. That can also come in handy if you want to go home, but your dog is still interested in something else for now. You can then easily lure him with his favorite toy or cuddly toy, or with something tasty of course.

Dressed for the season

dog jacket

For most of the year, your dog can do without clothes. However, does it get really cold? Then dress him with, for example, a jacket that keeps his torso warm.

Bag and sweets?

bag with you

If you take more stuff with you, a bag for on the road is very handy. You can also store the dog rewards in here, because you want to be able to reward your dog for good behavior during the walk! With a backpack or waist bag you also have both hands free.

So, and now your dog has waited long enough. On the road!

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