what is it and how do you get started with tarot cards?

Tarot, you probably know the word, but do you know what it actually means? We tell you all about Major and Minor Arcana, how to do a tarot reading and how tarot can help you spiritually.

Tarot and spirituality

Tarot is sometimes confused with divination, but it has little to do with that. It used to be used to predict the future.

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Nowadays tarot is mainly spiritual: it helps you gain more insight into all the things you struggle with. From relationships and careers to fears of making the wrong decision, tarot can help you when you’re at a crossroads and don’t know what to do.

What is Tarot?

Tarot is like a card game, but it is much more than that. It’s a way to learn more about yourself. It helps you more touch come to terms with your spirituality. This way you learn to follow your intuition better. Tarot unravels and exposes your deepest thoughts and feelings, making it easier for you to know what is right for you.

How does tarot work?

Each card has a specific image, a title and a number. The cards of the Major Arcana symbolize life lessons, major life stages and universal experiences, such as falling in love. The Minor Arcana is divided into four sets, each representing an element:

  • Pentacles – soil
  • Rods – firework
  • Chalices – water
  • Swords – sky

These cards symbolize everyday events

The card you draw and where it is placed gives you more insight into your question or situation. The cards have no unambiguous meaning, it is open to interpretation. That’s what makes it fascinating, because the cards reveal what you already feel in your subconscious. Your true feeling emerges and you learn to trust your intuition!

Origin of tarot. It is not entirely clear where tarot originated exactly. Depending on the source, tarot originated in China, Italy or India.

What is known is that the cards were already used in the 9th century to predict the future and to gamble. They first appeared in Europe in the thirteenth century.

What are tarot cards?

Tarot is a card game. It has 78 cards, divided into two sets:

  • The Major Arcana with 22 cards
  • The Minor Arcana with 56 cards.

With a question or situation in mind, draw some cards. By placing them in a pattern, you gain more insight into how best to approach that situation.

For example, you can ask questions about your relationship, your work, your family life, things that bother you, … The more specific the question, the clearer the answer.

Tarot cards tarot deck card reading
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Tarot cards explanation: the tarot deck

There are different types of tarot decks. The best known are Rider-Waite tarot cards. They have been around since 1909. There is a lot of literature about it. Moreover, these cards are often very beautiful with clear images. That makes them easier to read for beginners.

Meaning tarot cards

Each card has a symbolic meaning. Depending on the situation or question you need help with, the card can be interpreted differently. Sometimes the place where they are placed in the tarot card reading (such as present, past or future) also gives them a different meaning.

Major Arcana

  • 0 The Fool: innocence, zest for life, carefreeness, new beginnings
  • 1 The Magician: overcome challenges and problems, harmony between mind and intuition
  • 2 The High Priestess: inner voice, understanding, intuition
  • 3 The Empress: fertility, natural strength, growth, maternal love
  • 4 The Emperor: stability, discipline, structure, determination, strength
  • 5 The High Priest/Hierophant: faith, trust, calling, protection
  • 6 The Lovers: pure love, balance, decide with your heart
  • 7 The Float: self-awareness, triumph, break new ground
  • 8 Strength: courage, passion, overcoming animal instincts, self-discipline
  • 9 The Hermit: intelligence, deep experiences, inner satisfaction
  • 10 The Wheel of Fortune: powerlessness, turning point, destiny
  • 11 Justice: truth, objective judgment, logical reason
  • 12 The Hanged Man: delay, pause, doubt, let go
  • 13 Death: drastic change, farewell, development
  • 14 Moderation: harmony, balance, patience
  • 15 The Devil: addiction, dependence, helplessness
  • 16 The Tower: revelation, wavering values ​​or relationships
  • 17: The Star: hope, listen to your intuition, trust
  • 18 The Moon: uncertainty, irrationality, dreams, emotions
  • 19 The Sun: joy of life, optimism, inner child, self-confidence
  • 20 The Judgment: redemption, liberation, self-criticism, vocation follow
  • 21 The World: travel, completion of a cycle, self-knowledge, authenticity
Tarot cards arcana
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Minor Arcana

In each set you will find fourteen cards: ace, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, page, knight, queen and king.

  • Rods: represents fire.
    It is about enthusiasm, energy, creativity and the desire to try new things.
  • Pentacles: represents earth.
    Refers to the material world, finances, growth and progress.
  • Chalices: represents water.
    Relates to emotions, love, relationships, companionship.
  • Swords: represents air.
    Related to ideas, spirituality, challenges.

Draw a tarot card

You draw a tarot card with a question, problem or situation in mind. The cards you draw tell a story that helps you answer your question or gain insight into a particular situation.

Each card is an archetype. It appeals to something in you or you recognize yourself in it. In this way it quickly becomes clear what you subconsciously think, feel or want.

There are different laying patterns, such as past-present-future, but also situation-action-outcome or you-your relationship-your partner. You can also draw a ‘day card’. You can then use it as a message, wisdom or inspiration for that day.

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Buy tarot cards

Perfect for beginners is a Ride-Waite deck. They contain beautiful, clear images. You can also find a lot of information about it in books or online. So you can quickly get started to learn the meanings.

If you plan to buy a deck, buy one that appeals to you. This way you will see (and remember!) the meanings more easily and therefore enjoy it much more!

Tarot Cards – AE Waite

Tarot cards - AE Waite

AE Waite’s cards are the most commonly used cards and contain 78 cards of major and minor arcana.

This is the Dutch version and the cards are 7 x 12 cm in size and you can order the cards with a different bag.

Do you lay cards for yourself? Then you first have to understand the meaning behind each symbol. Only in this way can the cards help you gain more insight into yourself.


Is tarot completely new to you or are you already a trained card reader? If you want to know more about it, there are a lot of nice books and videos to find. Do you also like tarot or do you just not like it?

Let us know via email response bottom!

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