What is all in 1?

Are you looking for new subscriptions for your telephone, internet and TV? Then it is quite a lot of work for yourself to figure this all out separately. Of course you want quality for a reasonable price. But which provider can you find that with? So it’s a tough quest. However, have you ever heard of all in 1?

What does ‘all in 1’ mean?

All in 1 is also called 3 in 1. It is a discount package that includes internet, TV and calling. There are of course advantages to this, but also disadvantages. It is true that 86% of the people who opted for all in 1 packages pay too much.

The advantages of all in 1

There are of course a number of advantages if you opt for everything in 1. It is usually cheaper to take out than if you decide to take out everything separately. In addition, you have a point of contact in case of technical problems and you receive a clear monthly invoice with all costs. It is simply much more convenient and clearer for yourself.

How do you compare all in 1 packages?

Of course there are many providers who offer these all in 1 packages. But how do you choose the best? You have to compare them all with each other. Usually there are very useful websites for this. Then just enter your zip code and you will see the packages within seconds. Then you still have to look closely at features such as the price per month and per year, internet speed and promotions such as a cashback.

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