What is a scooter also called in the Netherlands? [Alle termen]

Scooters have been around for a while in the Netherlands. And as it goes, we’ve had different names for it over time. That is why we provide an overview in this article what a scooter is also called in the Netherlands.

The best known another name for scooters in the Netherlands is autopedBut where does that term actually come from? And what other names, terms and types do we now know for steps? Below an overview.

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What is a scooter also called in the Netherlands?

A scooter is also called autoped in the Netherlands. A bit of a crazy name, which we took from a American brand of the same name. That brand has therefore become popularly equivalent to the product.

That’s what we call brand dilution: when the brand name becomes so well known that it becomes equivalent to the product itself. Good examples are, for example, Chocomel, Coke, Luxaflex and Aspirin.

By the way, it usually does only a specific kind of scooter also called a scooter. Namely a scooter with pneumatic tires, with a larger frame than average. These scooters are extra comfortable on longer distances and on uneven surfaces.

Are electric scooters also called that?

Of course. In fact, a scooter is originally an electric step. That American brand made already in 1910 motorized steps. Of course not electrically like the current powered scooters, but still.

The scooters of the Autoped brand had a motor next to the front wheel, so that a lot of the center of gravity came to lie there. To compensate for this, the steering wheel was set far back, so that the driver’s weight came to lie more towards the rear wheel.

This is an original Scooter, as a scooter is also called in the Netherlands
This is an original Scooter, with motor at the front wheel. Nowadays it is another name for scooters in the Netherlands.

Other terms for scooters in the Netherlands

There aren’t really any other ways scooters are called in the Netherlands. There are, however, a number of specific types and types of scooters, which we have listed here for the sake of completeness.

  • Stunt scooters or freestyle scooters have a characteristic build: they are lower and have smaller wheels than regular scooters. That is so that better stunts can be made with it.
  • space scooter are a special kind of steps, which are propelled by moving the board you are standing on up and down. So you don’t have to push yourself off like on a normal scooter. This is also an example where the brand has become the name for the product, because there are now space scooters of several brands on the market.
  • kick bike is there another one. This is also a brand, but this name is now also generally used for a specific type of scooter. These are scooters with a frame and wheels reminiscent of a bicycle, but a board that you stand on where the saddle would be.
  • Dog scooters are similar to kickbikes, but they are specifically designed to allow your dog to run alongside them safely and comfortably.

So there are quite a few ways to call a scooter in the Netherlands, but it usually goes

And in English we call a step…

Speaking of confusing names for steps have: when we bring in the English terms it gets even more complicated.

In English a scooter is called a “scooter”. In English, they mean something different from “our” scooter, which is called a moped there.

Incidentally, they also use “kick scooter” in English to indicate that it is one of those things that you have to pedal yourself. At the same time, they are also talking about an “electric kick scooter” for an electric step, where stepping is not necessary.

To keep it clear.

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