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On TikTok, there is a battle of the sexes over what DTB means. The slang term seems to be confusing for many people and its actual meaning has caused a little stir on the social media platform.

Videos of people saying “DTB” or using the hashtag “#DTB4Life” may already be on your FYP. On the app, men and women argue about what the three letters stand for. But either way you slice it, both values ​​are very cynical. If you are looking for clarification on the issue, you have come to the right place. Since we occasionally explain social media and texting slang terms such as the meaning of the texting term TIFU, in this article we are going to explain what does db mean and offer something background for the battle going on around it.

What does dtb mean
What does DTB mean: Videos of people saying “DTB” or using the popular hashtag “#DTB4Life” have already been seen across the platform

What does DTB mean?

A boogie with a hoodie, a 25-year-old rapper born Julius Dubose who earned his nickname because he usually donned hoodies, popularized the phrase. The phrase first appeared in A Boogie wit da Hoodie’s 2020 song “DTB 4 Life”.

What does dtb mean
What does DTB mean: The misogynist anthem sparked a TikTok battle over the term’s offensiveness

In the song, the artist can be heard rapping: “I’m DTB forever, on God / I don’t trust b****** / I don’t even trust my girl / I still try to f*** her friends and s***.”

DTB stands for “don’t trust b******” or “don’t trust women“, respectively. The anthem of misogynists sparked a TikTok craze with fans claiming they are “DTB for life.”

The alternative meaning of DTB

If you think that DTB on TikTok only refers to the things mentioned above, think again. The definition of DTB has been somewhat altered By the female users of this social media app. Men are heard yelling “Don’t Trust Bi##%es”, but women say “Don’t trust guys“.

The source of this interpretation is a user who posted a video of her dancing for the existing DTB acronym with the simple message “Don’t Trust Boys”, and it made incredibly clear for those looking for the meaning of the term.

The other female TikTok users noticed this post and started submitting their own videos with the same word. They are unwilling to trust the men in our lives, as evidenced by some of these videos.

And there is a third explanation

As soon as you think DTB has these two meanings, the next one appears. But this DTB connotation is not a product of the social networking site. ‘Don’t text back‘ is all it means.

When texting someone, it is common to use the phrase “Do not text back” to entice them not to respond. People use this expression for various reasons. One is that they may simply not want to continue the current chat. The discourse is completely turned around one-sided the moment you send someone a DTB.

SMS term DTB meaning explained
What does DTB mean: When texting someone, it’s common to use the phrase “don’t text back” if you want to end the conversation

The question what DTB means has the same answer as receiving an e-mail that does not need to be answered. You can view the information, but the sender doesn’t want you to create it any comments about the.

It makes sense that this generation likes to use slang and other unusual terminology in their social media captions and text messages because the internet is full of them. If you’re looking for an easy way to check the meaning of terms you encounter, but don’t recognize it, Urban Dictionary provides short explanations for slang terms. Moreover, we cover the meaning of such abbreviations and acronyms in our articles if you want to explore them further.

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