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How much does a garden shed or a log cabin for your garden cost?What does a garden shed or log cabin cost for your garden? That question is often asked and that is not surprising, because a garden house or log cabin is hip. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a large garden, but those who are often opt for a place to tidy up garden equipment, place bicycles or a nice place to work in the summer and spring. Garden sheds come in many shapes and sizes. That is why it is nice to do proper research into what suits your garden.

What does a garden shed or log cabin cost for your garden?

Anyone who is going to delve into the purchase of a garden house or a log cabin will be the first to ask what the costs will be. There is a price tag attached to it, but there are also many options when it comes to your budget. This also depends on the size of the gazebo. Nowadays the cost of materials has risen considerably, so this will certainly have an effect on the garden house of your choice. The larger, the more material is needed, the more expensive the house becomes. In general, you can count on around €750 for a garden shed measuring 2 by 2 metres. If you go for bigger and more luxurious, the prices can rise to as much as €6000. You can think of a large garden house of 7.5 by 3.5 meters including a roof where you can sit with a book and a nice cold drink in the summer.

How do you choose the right shed for your garden?

If the question “what does a garden shed or a log cabin cost for your garden?” you can make a choice within your budget. Of course, that starts with looking at a number of options that you have to weigh up. For example, think of:

  • the available space you have in the garden
  • the function of your garden house or log cabin
  • the material you like best
  • the lifespan

The function of your garden house

The function of your garden house is one of the most important considerations. Is your garden house only intended for storing things? Then you can go for a simple version that costs little money. Think about exactly what you want to store in it. If it concerns things like garden cushions, for example, then it is useful that the garden house is properly watertight. For example, if you also want to store tools that are not allowed to rust and you wish to be able to do odd jobs there now and then, it is useful to ensure that it is not too cold in your shed. Insulation and a good floor can then be a must. Step by step you will get closer to the right choice for your garden.

The eye wants something too

Personally, I always find it important what a garden house or log cabin looks like. If your garden is in full bloom and you spend a lot of time outside in the summer, then a garden house that looks cozy is so nice. So remember to dress it up nicely as soon as it’s up. This can be done with colorful plants and flowers, but also with cushions (in the case of a canopy) and candles. A garden rug for your shed or in your roof can provide warmth and there are also beautiful garden paintings for sale these days. This way you can transform a simple shed into a great place to store your garden equipment and to sit comfortably under a roof in the summer. How much does a garden shed or a log cabin cost for your garden?

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