‘What do you think, Hans?’

In his interview after the match between FC Volendam and PSV (2-3), Joey Veerman mainly poked fun at Guus Til. While Veerman gave his interview, Til was waiting behind the scenes to get in front of the camera. Meanwhile, Veerman made the necessary jokes about his teammate.

Veerman was at the basis of the opening goal with a deep pass on Til. Til then played the ball wide to Luuk de Jong, who scored. “Guus knows that I’m giving it a good run”, Veerman laughed. “That’s how it should be Hans, otherwise you have to wait for the ball again.”

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Veerman was happy to see that Til still gave the ball to De Jong. “He does that well. He’s not an asshole, Guus,” said Veerman. With a nice long ball, Veerman also launched the attack that led to the 0-2. He delivered the ball around the enemy penalty area, where Johan Bakayoko and Til were standing.

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The ball eventually ended up with Bakayoko, who laid it out for Til: 0-2. Kraay junior wondered whether Veerman deliberately played the ball to Bakayoko, or simply kicked in the direction of both players. “What do you think, Hans?”, replied Veerman. “I think it was luck,” Kraay junior replied.

Veerman could laugh about that. “Oh, stop it man. Stop it. No, this was just meant for Bakayoko. But it was nice that Guus started walking. He usually doesn’t do that often. He always wants the ball in his foot, absolutely crazy about it,” Veerman joked, in front of Til, who reacted a bit witty.

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