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nope sportswearDo you like to exercise at home? Then fitness elastics cannot be missing from your collection of sports equipment. Fitness elastics are lightweight, small in size and you can do countless, versatile workouts with them. In this article you can read exactly what fitness elastics are and what you can do with them!

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Fitness elastics: what are they?

Fitness elastics are also called resistance bands or resistance bands. They are simply elastic bands used to force muscle contraction. Initially, fitness elastics were only used for rehabilitation purposes, to restore muscle strength. They still fulfill an important function in the rehabilitation process of patients with muscle damage, but they can no longer be ignored in the sports world. With muscle power you can stretch the bands from all kinds of different sporting positions. The resulting resistance force stimulates muscle growth.

Fitness elastics are usually flat, loop-shaped bands in various thicknesses and resistance strengths. This way you can vary in a workout from light to heavy resistance, and everything in between. Fitness elastics are ideal for a workout in or around the house. They are lightweight, small to store and therefore easy to carry.

Types of fitness elastics: what can you do with them?

Fitness bands are not only available in various thicknesses and resistance strengths, but also in different types: short fitness elastics, long fitness elastics and fitness elastics with handles. Each with a different function.

  1. Short, looped fitness elastics: These fitness elastics are by far the most used. They are wide, looped rubber bands with no handles. The bands are often sold in sets with different resistance levels. They are mainly used for training the gluteal and thigh muscles.
  2. Long looped fitness elastics: These fitness elastics are also wide, looped rubber bands without handles, in different resistance levels. However, these are long bands, making them suitable for standing, sitting and lying workouts to train arm, leg and abdominal muscles.
  3. Fitness elastics with handles: These fitness elastics consist of elastic bands, usually elastic or latex, with handles. With the handles you can both grab and anchor the fitness elastics. This allows you to hang from it with your weight. This makes the fitness elastics perfect for full body workouts.

What are fitness elastics and what can you do with them?

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