Westerlo shakes but keeps point against Club Brugge: “This can make the difference”

After 33 match days, RC Genk remains the only top team that has been able to walk with the three points in Kuipke in Westel. Club Brugge also got stuck on a draw.

Westerlo was rarely as under as against Club Brugge, which played at a high level for the first time in a long time. “We couldn’t do much in return, especially in the first half”, Jonas De Roeck reacted honestly after the match.

“We looked back too much when we had the ball instead of forward. In the second half it was a bit better, so we were able to create dangerous moments. And that against a Club Brugge that is now having one of its best matches of the season is playing, just against us.”

“But”, De Roeck continues. “This shows that we have taken steps as a group. Taking this point now can make the difference in the final settlement.”

The difference, that is just whether or not to make the top 8. For the time being, it seems to be just a story for the Kemphanen. Westerlo is almost there with one game to go. “If we do score at Anderlecht last week, we’ll definitely be there now. But next week in Seraing we have to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. Those Champions play-offs would have been nice, but I think play-off 2 also had nice teams,” he concludes with a wink.

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