Weather forecast Paris Roubaix 2023

On Saturday, April 8, 2023, the Hel van het Noorden will be ridden by the women. The course is approximately 145 km and will mainly be driven in dry conditions. On Sunday, April 9, 2023, it will be the turn of the men. Dry conditions continue to dominate the weather. That is in stark contrast to the rainfall of the past few days. We do not exclude local puddles along the cobblestone sections. These can become treacherously slippery if cars deliberately drive into them.

Dry with some clear spells

We should not immediately expect a repeat of the apocalyptic conditions in 2021. Then the Helle classic was held in rainy conditions. This was partly due to a relocation of the cycling race to the month of October. Before April 9, 2023, we expect a favorable weather picture with regular clear spells and dry conditions.

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On Sunday mostly cloudy with an average of 15°C and a weak breeze from southern sectors. The probability of precipitation is 0%. All in all, good weather for the peloton.

Incidentally, on our weather maps we see that the dry weather picture will also spread to the Benelux with some clearance. With a southern air current, fairly soft air is brought to our region. Mercury levels of 14 to locally 16 ° C are not excluded.

On Sunday, a large part of the Benelux can benefit from a calm and variable cloudy weather. There is a lot of room for the sun with a weak wind from the south.

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