We all find these 8 things so terribly annoying about it

You are either completely done with dating apps and immediately delete all your profiles and apps, or you are enthusiastic enough to download everything and score new matches. So recognizable, and when you’re completely done with all those dating apps, it’s undoubtedly because of these eight annoying side effects.

Full of good courage, you create a profile for the umpteenth time and swipe away. Only to find out that you’re still fishing in the same dating pool as you were a few months ago. Arghh.

This is what we hate about dating apps

If you’re in the world of dating apps, these things are undoubtedly recognizable and you find them annoying too.

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1. People who don’t verify their account

Nowadays, dating apps have come up with some useful tools to make sure that the created profile is real. Not unimportant, this verification will also appear on your profile, which gives the other person a little more certainty. Aren’t you doing this? Then no blue check mark for you. Just take that little effort dude, those photos on which you have to pull a funny face are really not leaked.

2. People who don’t post pictures

Even these people are still there. Vague photos is still up to that point, but no photos is really not possible. One hundred percent a catfish and you won’t find any matches that way.

3. Unsolicited threesomes

No, no and again no. If we indicate that we are looking for one person, we are not looking for a trio. We do download other apps for that.

4. You always run into the same people

This is perhaps the most horrible of all. Even if you dive under the radar for a few months, you will encounter the same group of people again. Dating apps are actually one big pool of the same people and that sometimes feels very sad. You also come across the same people criss-cross on all other apps.

5. People who match but don’t talk

Another annoying thing: matches that then never talk to you again. Did you like me or not?!

6. Giving out superlikes by accident

Not at all your intention, because you are not that desperate, but because clicking away and liking profiles works just a bit differently with all apps, you regularly give super likes. Wasn’t your intention at all, but very annoying. The solution? Put in your profile that you accidentally give superlikes. Instant conversation material for the other person.

7. Big Mouth Matches

We all hate this too: matches that have a big mouth. How they succeed is a mystery to us, but the most wrong and cheeky opening sentences still pass by. Buck up.

8. Paid features

If you don’t take out a subscription (which is also very expensive) you won’t see who likes you or you won’t be able to read the conversation after a few sentences. Who would have ever thought that finding the one was such an expensive joke.

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8 x things all singles hate on dating apps

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