Want to make your own fresh pasta with just two ingredients? That’s how you do that

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You can buy pasta ready-made in the supermarket, but you can also easily make fresh pasta yourself. You only need two ingredients for this, but more on that later. To roll out the dough you can use a simple rolling pin from Baktotaal Bouwhuis or a handy pasta machine so you can let the machine do the work. In this blog you can read which two magical ingredients you need to make fresh pasta and how to proceed. Are you ready to make your own fresh pasta yourself? Then quickly read on how to do this!

The two magic ingredients for fresh pasta

It’s probably hard to imagine making fresh pasta from just two ingredients, but it’s true. All you need is special pasta flour or semolina plus some eggs. The correct ratio is one egg per 100 grams of semolina. You can only use pasta flour or replace part of the semolina (e.g. half) with patent flour or type 00 flour. The addition of patent flour or type 00 flour makes the dough more flexible and makes it easier to roll it out.

What exactly is semolina?

Semolina, also called pasta flour, is semolina made from durum wheat. This is a fairly hard type of wheat. The grains are coarsely ground to produce semolina. The semolina is made from this. Semolina is light yellow in color and is therefore easily confused with polenta. This is also a semolina, but made from corn.

How do you make fresh semolina and egg pasta?

Pasta with fresh asparagus, a perfect combination!

Break the eggs into a bowl and stir the whites and yolks into a nice homogeneous mixture. Weigh the desired amount of semolina and place it in a kind of mountain on the work surface in front of you. Make a well in the center of the mountain with your fingers and carefully pour in the egg mixture. Now work the flour from the dimple from the inside out through the egg until it is no longer liquid. Make sure the egg does not run away. Then knead into a homogeneous and smooth dough.

Wrap the dough in foil and let it rest in the fridge for 20 minutes. Now the dough is firm enough to roll out with a rolling pin or pasta machine. To do this, cut off small pieces of dough and roll until the desired thickness is reached. Leave the thin slices of dough whole for lasagna or cut them into narrow strips to make spaghetti or tagliatelle, for example. It’s that simple! Now for a delicious homemade pasta sauce and buon appetito. Making your own pasta is always a party in our kitchen.

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