Wait, what? Bachelorette-Samé was in jail while filming in South Africa

Samé was close to winning Sylvia’s heart. Unfortunately for him, he just missed the last rose. Samé entered the program later, but guess what? This was not the intention at all. He was in the cell, so he could not be present at the start of the program. Who would have thought that? In an interview with Rumag Samé tells all about it.

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On arrival in South Africa, the entire cast of course had to go through customs. “Everyone was allowed to go through customs, except me,” says Samé. The reality star had an invalid visa and was therefore unable to enter the country. This little thing took a lot of time. Samé had to sit in a cell for seven hours because of this. In the end, Samé made a circle around the world to enter the country. He first flew to Dubai and through there he could fly back to the Netherlands. In our own little country, Samé applied for a new visa and flew back to South Africa.

Later in the program

Due to this incident, Samé could not be at the start of the recordings. As a result, he only appeared later in the program. Fortunately, this did not work to his disadvantage, because he managed to go far and was very close to the last bullseye. Unfortunately for him, this one went to Joris. But Samé says he really enjoyed his time in South Africa.


Extra funny: Samé says that he hasn’t had it so bad in prison all those hours. “Fortunately, there is still some corruption in South Africa,” says the reality star. He was bored all those hours, which of course makes a lot of sense. Samé took a chance and called the guard. In exchange for money, Samé got wifi and a vape. That’s not so bad.

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