Vollering finally hits the mark in Gold Race: ‘I will sleep very well tonight’

In the previous two years, Vollering had to acknowledge her superior in Marianne Vos and Marta Cavalli respectively. Then she speculated on the sprint, but this year she had a different role in the team with Lotte Kopecky as a teammate. In the final phase she attacked and then nobody could get back at Vollering.

“Finally! I still can’t quite believe it,’ was Vollering’s first reaction. “The whole team was there today. Mischa Bredewold burned herself out time and time again. Lorena Wiebes was good. Lotte Kopecky was also ideal. I was able to attack, while in previous years I relied on my sprint.”

Bad weather

After the last time Cauberg, Vollering attacked in the spur at the ideal time. “Yes, I felt that was the time to go. It was completely apart after the Cauberg. I rode at my own pace. The plan was to then wait a while so that the speed would go out. And then it was going. Yes, I will sleep very well tonight.”

Despite the cold weather, Vollering still had a big attack in the legs at the end. “I drove the entire race with my Gabba. I stayed reasonably warm, but my arms were very cold. Only at the last did I take off my Gabba. That helped me. Normally I also deal well with the cold and I kept that in mind the whole time.”

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