Village derby Holten and Markelo | Nice atmosphere actions from both sides

Holten and Markelo. With 9,410 and 7,280 inhabitants respectively, they are both small villages. Only 8 kilometers of nature separates the two places. The area around Holten and Markelo is very quiet and because of the nature it is especially popular with people over 60 for cycling and walking. But that is of course not the reason for us to travel. We come for the game between the local football clubs. Because where Markelo is a bit more towards Enschede and FC Twente, Holten is a bit more towards Deventer and Go Ahead Eagles. Enough elements for a great derby.

The home team today is VV Holten. Many of the visiting supporters from Markelo travel by bicycle, car or bus to the neighboring village. The public interest is extra great because of the sporting interests that are at stake today. SC Markelo is still fully involved in the championship in the Sunday Third Division East, while VV Holten still has to look at the play-off against relegation with a slanted eye. There is therefore quite a bit of pressure on this village derby. Both supporters groups have also prepared a considerable atmosphere action.


After arriving, Markelo’s supporters immediately go to the short side where they want to prepare their action. Here, however, hangs a large banner of Holten. This is released, after which the chairman of the home team immediately panics. The cloth must hang. So we will soon see a large canvas of VV Holten in the middle of the atmosphere action of SC Markelo. Special. The campaign itself has been a great success. Although Markelo’s group is not very large, they know how to set up a nice action through their creativity.

Some kind of pyramid-shaped fountains are taped with duct tape on sticks and are held up during the rise. With the many forms of decorative fireworks you get an image that you don’t often see in amateur football. Truly a unique atmosphere action. Many torches can be seen around it. Some flares also land on the field, but these are then cleared away themselves. That’s the way it should be. On the Holten side, many smoke pots can also be seen at the turnout.

Hollow dead

Even during the match, the supporters are constantly engaged in forms of entertainment. For example, some torches are regularly lit and at the beginning of the second half there will be another atmospheric action with Roman candles and torches. At some point, a flag is also stolen from VV Holten, which is then hung over the billboard. At some point, the supporters also unveil a sign with the text ‘Holten Dood’ on it. Edge entertainment everywhere.

Where there is plenty of entertainment next to the field, the same cannot be said about what is happening on the field. A deadly match ensues. The only highlight of the first half is a penalty from VV Holten that is stopped by Markelo’s goalkeeper. In the second half, almost nothing worth mentioning happens and the game ends as it started: 0-0. A result that no one is happy with. Not the home team, not the visitors and certainly not us as neutral viewers. As so often, it was the supporters who provided the entertainment!

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