Venice in winter, worth it?

Venice is the beautiful city in the Italian region of Veneto. This city on stilts is special because of the old historic center full of canals where you will be taken to your hotel by gondolas. Most people visit this city in the summer, but is Venice also worth it in the winter? You read it here.

Venice in winter, worth it?

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The weather conditions in winter

In terms of weather, Venice is a city that you can visit all year round. In the winter months of December, January and February, temperatures average between one and ten degrees. Of course they are higher in the summer, but you can’t call it cold. In any case, it is a lot warmer than in the Netherlands during these months.

The weather does affect the height of the water in the city. That means you are more likely to experience flooding in the months of October to March. This is also called the acqua alta season. It is true that the worst floods are between October and December. You could take this into account when you book, for example by choosing a holiday in January or February. But you never know for sure how high the water is. In the months with the high water you can see decking everywhere in the city. Here you can walk over so that you can still move through the city.

The crowds in winter in Venice

The biggest advantage of a holiday to Venice in winter is the reduced crowds. There are simply fewer international tourists visiting the city during these months. It is mainly the Italians themselves who visit the city during these months. This means you can take pictures without being blacked out by tourists.

Venice in winter, worth it?

What to do in Venice in winter?

The museums of Venice are open during the winter months. Due to the reduced crowds, you probably won’t have queues to enter. And once inside you can enjoy the beautiful art in quieter spaces.

You can also visit the other famous sights in the winter as well as in the summer. The Rialto Bridge, for example, is highly recommended. It was built over the Grand Canal and was completed in 1591. Of course you can’t miss San Marco Square either. This famous square forms the central city square and is the most visited place in the city. Here you will find, among other things, the entrance to the Doge’s Palace and the San Marco Cathedral of Venice.

A nice museum to visit on St. Mark’s Square is the Museo Correr. Here you will find all kinds of art and documents about daily life in the city. This way you will learn a lot about the background of Venice and how this special city came about over the centuries. An important collection of works by Antonio Canova is displayed in the Napoleon wing of the museum. Canova is an artist who came from the Venice area. In his images it is special, among other things, how he pursues an ideal but at the same time tries to be true to nature. For example, the skin of the images he made of people resembles real skin instead of marble.

The price in Venice winter

In the winter months it is a lot cheaper in Venice than if you go in months when the weather is warmer. This allows you to book stays for a better price. If you go for a luxury palazzo on one of the canals, you can save hundreds of euros in terms of accommodation. Where you hardly find any deals in the summer, you can find several in the winter.

You will also be able to find more competitive last minute offers in the winter. In the summer, the prices of the last minutes are simply a lot more expensive. This makes it even cheaper to take a nice city trip to Venice in the winter.

What to pack in your suitcase in winter

In the winter, of course, you should bring some warmer clothes than if you visit Venice in the summer. It is useful to have a windproof jacket and rain gear with you. You can also consider packing rain boots. If the boots take up too much space in the suitcase, you can also purchase them in Venice. As soon as a flood occurs, many shops offer them for tourists to buy. There are also hotels that lend these to their guests. You can inquire about this in advance with the accommodation you have booked.

The best travel providers for a holiday to Venice in winter:

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