Van Nistelrooij about not playing Boscagli: ‘I want to, but he doesn’t’

Olivier Boscagli seems to be in good shape with Ruud van Nistelrooij. The French defender is back and seems to have become a regular base player.

However, not in Volendam, where the Frenchman was not on the score sheet. Van Nistelrooij was asked about the absence of the defender, who did not dare to play on artificial turf due to a recently recovered injury. So it was his choice.

“I want to, but he doesn’t,” said Ruud van Nistelrooij in front of ESPN’s camera about the Frenchman’s absence. “If a player has such a lot of trouble with it after his injury, then you shouldn’t want it. It’s his choice. Do I understand? Well, I respect it,” it sounds.

Van Nistelrooij continued his argument: “I know: if you force it, it is pointless. It is better not to field someone who cannot fully go for it”, says Van Nistelrooij. The PSV coach himself is not a fan of artificial turf, but FC Volendam’s can still get some approval. “No one likes artificial grass, but this is the best artificial grass in the Netherlands,” said the trainer about the condition of the field in Volendam, which does not seem to be the best field in the Netherlands.

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