Useful! With these steps you will teach your toddler to dress himself

At some point your toddler will become interested in undressing and dressing and how nice is it if he can do that himself every morning! Children often quickly master that undressing, compliment them for that. This will give your child the confidence he needs for the next step: dressing himself.

Dress yourself

Getting dressed is a lot more difficult. Encourage this in your mini by following the steps below and teach your toddler how to dress himself.

Step by step dress up for toddlers:

1. Be patient

It takes time and patience, a lot of patience, to teach your toddler how to dress herself. And it won’t all work right away either. For example, pants are much easier to put on than a sweater. So be patient and compliment your mini if ​​he even tries. Even if it means his pants are backwards, his shirt inside out and his shoes the other way around.

2. Demonstrate

Lead by example and get dressed together. Explain step by step in simple sentences what you are doing and demonstrate it. Children like to imitate, so this is a good learning opportunity for them. If you just explain and don’t show, your toddler may not understand what you mean because he can’t visualize it yet.

3. Take your time

Learning how to dress won’t work if you’re in a hurry and have to go somewhere. Or if you actually have no patience at that moment. So grab a quiet moment and take the time to really teach your toddler how to dress best.

4. Use a size up with practice

Are you going to start practicing? Then choose, for example, to grab a sweater in a size larger. This has more space and that makes practicing easier. Once he can put the sweater on on his own, you can try a piece of clothing in his own size.

5. Have your child sit

Dressing while seated works a lot better than dressing while standing when children are just starting to learn this. They often don’t have enough balance to stand and dress themselves.

6. Front and back

If your toddler can dress himself, you can take it a step further by teaching him what the front and back of a piece of clothing is. And the inside and outside. Do this in response to the labels you often find in clothing, buttons and zippers or images.

7. Give him a mirror

Check together in the mirror if everything is okay and teach him to do this himself.

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Teach your toddler to dress herself in these steps

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