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With three children and two adults at home, it is sometimes difficult to keep track of what is planned. Sports, appointments at school, study days, et cetera… You know the drill. And of course you don’t want to lose the overview. That’s why a planning board for the whole family is very handy, so you can see at a glance what needs to be done that week and you won’t forget anything! You can read more about it in this article.

A planning board for the whole family

wire design

This planning board comes from and you can put it together yourself. You choose the colours, the font, the number of people, the size, the caption, the titles and the names. I chose to put “Cozy Chaos” above it because it fits our family and I thought it sounded nice. In addition to the planning itself, I also opted for a column for groceries and a to-do list.

The use

planning board

As far as I’m concerned, the kitchen is the perfect place for a planning board, so we decided to hang it on the kitchen door. The assembly was done in no time and is not complicated; you place the planner with the side with the foil on it against the wall and you mark the holes. Then you drill holes of 5 mm, you push the plug into the hole and then you screw the lower part of the spacers to the wall. And then you remove the foil and screw the planning board with the upper part of the spacers to the wall.

When the planning board was hung, the children of course immediately wanted to draw and write on it. The planning board was decorated with a heart and Nomi wrote down which groceries she wanted (and of course those were only tasty things).

A handy overview

A little later I got rid of all the nonsense and wrote down the schedule for the coming week. And it really works very handy! I have planned to fill in the planning board every Sunday and so far I like it very much. This way you immediately have a handy overview of the whole week and you won’t forget anything. Recently I almost stood in the schoolyard while there was a study day, but luckily I read a reminder in the class app on time, otherwise I would have really forgotten. That won’t happen to me any time soon.


‘If you go shopping, would you like to bring some cheese with you?’, hubby asked recently. The next day I went grocery shopping and guess what I forgot… Right, cheese. So if someone wants something from the supermarket now, I write it down right away. If there is a lot on it, I take a picture of it, so that I can see my shopping list in the supermarket and I don’t forget anything. Also very handy!

To do list

And finally, our planning board has a to do list. For example, I recently wrote that Nomi had to study for the language test she had the following week. That is a useful reminder, because the chance that she will learn on her own is not very great. But of course you can use the to do list for anything and everything!

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Do you use a planning board?

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