TV providers want share rights Eredivisie: ‘Profit back to clubs’

TV providers DELTA, KPN, T-Mobile and VodafoneZiggo sent a proposal to make football more widely available via television to the Eredivisie CV (ECV) on Monday. The providers want to talk to the ECV about the television rights of the Eredivisie from 2025. The idea is that Eredivisie clubs will have ‘more control and more income’ than with the current system, a spokesman said.

The football rights are now being exploited by the ECV and a foreign party, you can read in a joint message about this. The aim is to bring the exploitation of the rights back to the Netherlands. The Dutch TV providers together have the reach to make premier league football available in all Dutch households.

Precise details cannot yet be given, a spokesperson says, because they must follow from a conversation with the ECV. The idea is that a ‘new system’ will be created whereby premier league clubs will ‘recover a substantial part of the profit on rights’. “The profit is currently going to shareholders of ESPN in America, the clubs will not see anything in return. We want to return a large part of the profit to the club.’

More freedom for clubs

The proposal gives clubs ‘more flexibility to get started with rights’. ‘At the moment all rights are held by one party, so those clubs can no longer freely stream those images themselves. Soon, if this proposal is adopted, it will be possible for each individual club to have images available and to offer them via platforms.’

In addition to guaranteeing that football will remain widely available in the future, this proposal may offer a guarantee that it will remain affordable, according to a spokesperson. “Now there is one party that determines the price, soon there will be four parties that compete with each other.”

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