Treat yourself to beautiful glasses! Not just for the visit.

We need moisture to stay healthy and we get that from different drinks. Water, coffee and tea are especially good for this. Of course you don’t just pour these delicious drinks. You can make a party for yourself and for someone else by presenting it in beautiful glasses.

That is why there are so many different types of glassware. Because why should you only serve festive drinks in a beautiful glass? You also have a favorite mug for coffee or tea, don’t you? Then you can also have your own glass for water or juice.

Types of glassware

For many people, a glass is just a glass. You put a drink in it and that’s it. But isn’t the presentation of a drink also very important? A beautiful cocktail or mocktail is always beautifully presented in a matching glass. That is why there are so many different types of glasses for sale. There are glasses for wine, beer, cocktails, shots and cognac. Cocktails themselves are also served in matching glasses. You don’t pour a Martini cocktail into a Tequila Sunrise glass and vice versa.

So many different glasses are available for alcoholic drinks. But that also applies to coffee, tea, water, juice and smoothies!

Each drink has its own glass

Why should every drink you drink be served in its own glass?

The reason is simple: it looks so much better in a nice glass. For example, it is very important to drink water. If you pour this water into a nice water carafe and add some ice cubes, a sprig of mint or a slice of lemon, it will look very appetizing.

Even when you don’t have visitors, you can present this to yourself. It then asks to be drunk. If you have matching glasses, it also looks very chic. This makes drinking water even more fun and tastier. This also applies to the glass you drink coffee or tea from. And let’s face it, you don’t want the espresso to disappear in a coffee glass that’s too big, do you?

Six of each?

It’s kind of a rule to get six copies of everything. This is mainly due to how most sets are composed. Still, it is possible to use water glasses for juice, but not for other drinks. If you drink a lot of water, you can also go for eight glasses for the glass cabinet. If you are the only one, take two or four, because then you will not miss.

It is especially important that you buy glasses that match what you drink on a day and what you want to serve at a party. Many coffee glasses are also very suitable as a tea glass. And invest in some highball glasses, too. These ideal for water with fruit or herbs and you can easily use them for a refreshing drink on a warm evening.

Beautiful glasses, combine various types of glassware.

Various glasses, yet a set

There is a wide variety of glassware for sale in different designs. If you like the crockery to be a bit attuned to each other, it is advisable to take a look at the type of glass. Glasses within certain brands often have a matching design.

If you opt for tapered wine glasses, combine them with the same type of water glass. If the coffee glass has a beautifully cut design, look for wine, water and long drink glasses that also have such a design. If all the glasses are on the table during a nice dinner, they still fit together nicely. Even if it contains different drinks.

Give your drink radiance

So many people, so many wishes and that is why you can choose from so many different types of glassware. Whether it’s delicious for yourself or just to set the table nicely; there is a glass for every drink. Make drinking water extra easy and tasty for yourself and find a beautiful glassware that makes you completely happy. And who knows, because of the design, the sun falls so beautifully into your glass that it colors the water with the colors of a rainbow.

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