Tips from the book 101 Essays That Will Change Your Mindset

I was completely ‘excited’ when I read the announcement by Publisher Kosmos that this book: 101 Essays That Will Change Your Mindset, would be re-released. I was looking for this book a few weeks before, but it was no longer available anywhere. It is in English, but I find that a bit more difficult to read with these kinds of books.

The fact that I wanted this book so badly was because I read ‘The Mountain that is you’. By the same author, Brianna Wiest. I found that book so good and relatable. She also referred to the 101 Essays in this book, so that’s why.

Here you will find a report I made about the book The Mountain is you.

I now have the newly released book by Brianna Wiest at home and I can already tell you that 101 Essays is a completely different book than The mountain is you. But the same message is often repeated. Below I will tell you more about the very popular book in America 101 Essays That Will Change Your Mindset. Because what’s the point of this book?

Review: 101 Essays That Will Change Your Mindset

What will you learn from the book 101 Essays That Will Change Your Mindset?

It’s not a reading book where you keep reading a little further. You can even read it in all kinds of ways. I had to get used to it at first, but now the book is always close to me and then I open it and start reading what I see.

It immediately helps me to regain my focus and I feel like continuing. With something that is important at that moment. It makes me stop sabotaging myself. Very nice, but if you don’t know the book, you probably find this all very vague 😉

That’s why I’m going to share some tips from the book with you below.

The book is therefore literally made up of 101 chapters (essays), all of which help you to look differently at certain thoughts you have. We all have those kinds of thoughts, but often certain things we think are not helpful at all in our lives, but are more of a pitfall.

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Now let’s discuss some lessons from this book:

102 ways not to let irrational thoughts ruin your life

In this chapter (essay 21) you now get 102 short pieces, also numbered, with tips that help you to think differently. I quote three:

“Don’t try to find your path when it’s dark in the woods. You feel the strongest urge to change your life when your emotions are very high, but that’s the worst time. Don’t make decisions when you’re upset. First, wait until you feel more neutral again.

“Stop pretending you know what other people think.

“Choose to do things because they make you happy, rather than doing them to avoid pain.”

Maybe not all 102 tips are useful to you, but if only a few come in well and you repeat this regularly, you will really succeed in having irrational, negative thoughts less often.

How to become your own worst enemy (without realizing it)

In essay 46 you will not find a list of tips, but a piece of text to show you how sometimes you are your own worst enemy.

The bottom line is that you don’t feel okay until you have the approval of others. Or if you do something that puts you ahead of others competitively. You can almost call it a cynical text what you read here. Full of examples of how to build your life based on what others do and possibly think. That you will never be truly happy if you don’t choose your own building blocks and if external factors determine how you feel and what you do.

10 questions to ask yourself when you don’t know where your life should go

Essay 73. I think these are very nice questions. I share three more:

“If social media didn’t exist, what would you do differently? Would you dress differently, feel bad about where you live, care about how your home looks?

“If you could choose five things that are most important to you, what would you choose? Whether you realize it or not, your life is fundamentally built on the few things you care about the most. Satisfaction is living in imitation of what we really value.”

“If you knew no one would judge you, what would you do with your days?”

Who is Brianna Wiest anyway?

If you look on Insta you see a beautiful, still young woman and if you think very stereotypically, you can hardly believe that she is the brain of this book. That sounds really bad to me. Brianna Wiest enjoys working with mindfulness, spirituality and emotional intelligence. She gives it her own twist and her reflections are loved by millions of people worldwide.

Does this book live up to my expectations?

Let’s be honest, the book The mountain is you, has had more impact on me than this book of 101 Essays. The last book is an easy way to quickly get some inspiration or to organize your thoughts. While The mountain is you more of a book that you actually read. A review is of course a personal opinion.

In this book with 101 Essays That Will Change Your Mindset I also notice that I don’t have much luck with some essays. They just don’t come in well, I can’t do much with that (it doesn’t resonate). By the way, that’s only a small part.

The core of all essays is surely how you can get in the way of yourself, so that you do not achieve your goals and just mess around or are mainly busy for others. A lot comes down to self-sabotage and not loving yourself enough to dare to trust your own decisions. It is an interesting book if you feel that you often get stuck in your thoughts and do not really know what you actually want.

The language used in this book of 101 essays can also be seen as more difficult. It is more suitable for experienced readers and for people who like to explore themselves in order to take new steps.

All in all, it is certainly a book that will get a prominent place in my bookcase. I’ll grab it often. The book The mountain is you, however, I will soon read it a second time to apply everything better. It still remains my favourite.

Practical information

Title: 101 Essays That Will Change Your Mindset
Author: Brianna Wiest
Kosmos Publishers
ISBN: 9789043927857

Number of pages: 429
Price: 24.99

Order the book here

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Tips from the book 101 Essays by Brianna Wiest

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