Tips for creating your own wellness garden

A garden that is not only practical, but also gives peace and quiet, is attractive to have. You design a wellness garden to relax. This means that it will not be a storage place for bicycles and rubbish bins, but a place where you can sit comfortably. You can design a wellness garden with these tips. Let the enjoyment begin.

1. Rest in design

When turning a garden into a wellness garden, the design is of great importance. So it’s important to take your time and think things through carefully. Simple shapes and clean lines give a lot of peace. In addition, it is also important to ensure that the garden does not become too full. You can also use the lines of the house, barn and partition. The natural part of the garden may have some organic forms.

2. Choose natural materials

Wellness gardens are characterized by natural materials. Especially the warmth of wood and the austerity of stone play an important role in this. It is also smart to work with concrete. A wellness garden does not have to be perfectly tight. Above all, it should radiate a lot of peace. The right materials therefore help to a great extent.

3. The right plants

Planting is what completes the garden. It is certainly important in a wellness garden to choose well. You want plants that radiate a lot of peace. This fits the peace you want to experience in the garden. Do you choose plants such as lavender? Then you also get a very nice scent and lots of color. In addition, bamboo and ornamental grasses work very well. The rustling of these types of plants also gives you a good feeling. That is also important.

4. Choose comfortable furniture

The wellness garden is there to relax. Then you also need the right comfortable furniture. It is important that the furniture also matches the style of the garden. A good lounge set is always a smart purchase. This way you can relax and enjoy the garden. Although very luxurious chairs can also work very well. Do you have a somewhat larger garden? Then you can also combine the items and create several corners where you can sit comfortably.

5. Choose a spa in the garden

A spa cannot be missed in a wellness garden. For example, think of a swim spa, jacuzzi, hot tub, spa or sauna. At you will find a wide range of spas and saunas for the garden that allow you to relax optimally.

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