Tips for buying a chaise longue

The chaise longue is a practical, beautiful and adaptable option for any interior. As you may already know, adding a new piece of furniture to your home is not a decision you have to make right away. It is necessary to search calmly until you find chairs whose characteristics fit the room where you are going to put them.

Latest update: April 17, 2023

Adding a new piece of furniture to the home is not a decision you should make quickly. You should take the time to look around until you find a sofa whose features match the room you intend to put it in. The chaise longue is a practical, beautiful and adaptable option for any type of decor.

The elegance of these sofas is complemented by their comfort. There are hundreds of models, so your search must be exhaustive to get it right in terms of quality and design. What should you consider before choosing it? Here are some practical tips.

Why choose a chaise longue?

Chaise longue are designed for functionality without compromising on aesthetics. It is a versatile piece of furniture, available in different sizes, which makes it easy to find the perfect model for your living room.

Its “L” shape makes it more comfortable than conventional furniture. That same quality makes it stand out as a resting place, because you can lie down on it and take a nap, or turn it into a bed for guests.

Its foldable nature provides modules between the seat and the structure, useful for storing items.

Another advantage is that they rest the feet, which improves posture. A bad sitting posture can lead to discomforts such as back pain.

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What should you pay attention to before buying a chaise longue?

Comfort, design, adaptability and ergonomics are reasons to choose this type of sofa.

There are a number of aspects about chaise lounge sofas that you can take into account to avoid unpleasant surprises after your purchase.


Ideally, it should not appear too small in the room and its dimensions should not exceed the space intended for it. While you may think it looks great at first glance, remember that the store you see it in is not the same as your living room; it is best to compare the sizes to see if it will fit and how you would divide the space.

Take measurements and ask a sales consultant to help you chaise longue at find one that meets those dimensions. Examine the dimensions of the seats, the armrests, the backrest and the total length.

You also have to think about the number of people in the house, because that affects the capacity of the furniture you need. In general, chaise longue sofas come with a minimum of 2 seats and a modular space.


The frame is the support for the chaise longue. So make sure you choose one that is quite sturdy for a long time of use. Solid wood is the recommended material. Specifically pine offers a lightweight design with almost no chance of warping.


The filling is the key to the comfort of a sofa. Ask the seller about the density of the foam in the cushions; if it is less than 25 kilos, find another sofa.

Foam and silicone fiber are other elements that manufacturers often use to favor the lumbar region. This in addition to the application of thermo-insulating and winding technology.

Did you know that a comfortable sofa helps prevent problems in the head and back, as a result of the positions taken to rest.


The main attraction of these designs is the elongated wing, which is not an interchangeable part. Therefore, pay attention to the space where you will place the armchair and arrange it with the orientation of the room. It is a mistake to buy a chaise longue with a reclining area that has no place in your living room.

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It’s important to choose upholstery that is durable, easy to clean, and matches the style of the room.

The sliding system of some chaise longues improves their functionality; try to choose this type, because you don’t have to change the position of the seats, even if they are extended. This is thanks to the adjustable bearings.

The legs

Made of metal, wood or galvanized, the legs must withstand the weight of the furniture and its occupants. In addition, they require a composition that can withstand the friction of the products used to clean the sofa and the floor. The height should not be underestimated either.

Additional seats

The regular chaise longue includes 2 extra seats near the lounger, but there are also 5 extra seats, maybe a little more. It is the size of the room that determines how many extra people can fit in it.


Stain-resistant upholstery is best if you live with children or pets. Be careful with leather fabrics, as they are more susceptible to scratches or bites. Look for a fabric that complements your home’s decor and is easy to care for.

Other aspects to consider when buying a chaise longue

In addition to the quality, design and available space, there are other considerations. One of them is the warranty. Quality is just as important as the sofa’s attractiveness, as well as how practical it will be.

The budget is the next factor. Even if you want an elegant sofa, determine than how much money you have available to invest in the chaise longue and make a purchase that fits in your pocket. Perhaps also interesting for you

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