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Belly fat is stubborn. In fact, it is one of the most stubborn types of fat in our body. Of all types of fat, this is the most difficult to get rid of, no matter how healthy you live.

This is for a good reason: your vital organs are protected by belly fat. Although you may not like to see it in the mirror, your body loves it.

Do you still want to reduce (excess) belly fat? In this blog we have listed 5 tips that will help you burn belly fat. We have divided these into two categories: nutrition and exercise. Why? Because to burn belly fat you need a combination of healthy food and exercise.

Tips for good nutrition

Diet plays a big role in reducing belly fat. When you don’t get around to investing time in nutrition and exercise, it’s best to choose to change your diet. This is the basic way to burn belly fat.

Tip 1: Check the nutritional values

To lose weight, it is important that you consume less of certain nutritional values, and more of others.

For example, you need less fast sugars – they have a bad effect on your blood sugar level. This shoots up due to fast sugars. High blood sugar causes your body to store fat. A stable blood sugar level ensures more stable fat burning.

You need more fiber and healthy fats. You stay satiated longer, so you grab a snack less quickly. In addition, fats help build certain hormones. A good hormone balance is also important if you want to lose weight.

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Tip 2: Eat more consciously

It is important that you experience the eating moment more consciously. For example, don’t eat in front of the TV. You are then quickly so distracted that you do not notice that you are already full. As a result, you automatically eat more than when your full focus is on eating.

Chewing more slowly also helps you eat less. This gives your body more time to process the food and to signal to your brain that you are full.

Don’t brag a second time. You may not immediately feel that you are full after your first plate, but in principle one normal plate of food is sufficient.

Tip 3: Use an eating schedule

You can also use a diet plan to burn belly fat. You set up a schedule for a certain period of time with all your meals and the associated nutritional values.

With an eating schedule you already know in advance what you will eat in the coming week or weeks. This makes it easier to prevent you from eating too much or bringing unhealthy things into your home.

Knowing more? Check out our blog about diet plans for weight loss.

Tips for good exercise

In addition to the right nutrition, exercise gives your body an extra boost to burn belly fat. There are several options for this. A daily abdominal quarter is unfortunately not one of them. We explain below why only abdominal exercises will not help with fat burning.

Tip 4: Burn belly fat with strength training

Strength training builds muscle mass. The energy required for this comes from your fat stores.

It’s just not that your body only burns your belly fat if you think hard enough: “use my belly fat” – if only it were such a party. Burning fat locally is actually a myth. Your body actually gets about the same amount of fat from all stores.

To prevent overloading of certain muscle groups, it is also important that you train all muscle groups. So it won’t work if you just do crunches. Divide your training sessions over several times a week, which works better than going all-in once a week. CrossFit is one of the most effective ways to burn calories.

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Tip 5: Burn belly fat with cardio training

Cardio training also extracts the same amount of energy from all fat stores. The main difference with strength training is that you do not build muscle mass. This generally makes you slimmer and also loses belly fat.

There are different types of cardio workouts. To run, cycling and swimming are the most famous. These sports are accessible and easy to build into your schedule.

Burning belly fat is a piece of cake with our tips

Although belly fat can be stubborn, our 5 most important tips show you that there are different ways to burn belly fat. The most important thing with any of these tips: consistency. That is why an eating schedule or a nutrition plan is so useful. Check the green bar at the bottom of the page. Here you can put together a personal eating schedule.

You won’t see results after a day, and probably not after a week either. So set yourself a goal in the future and work towards it. Stay consistent and you will see results!

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